5 Keys to Sustained Excellence in Content Creation

There are two ways to learn—through your own experiences and through someone else’s. Consider these verses:

  • “I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw” – Proverbs 24:32
  • “Go to the ant, O sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise” – Proverbs 6:6
  • “My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways.” – Proverbs 23:26

I’ve been blessed to learn a thing or two about content from great teachers and by observing great content creators. Here are 5 quick nuggets for all of you aspiring bloggers, vloggers and writers to help you create excellent content for years to come:

1. Enjoy Your Content – If you want to do a sports show, be sure you love talking about sports and that you love it enough to dive deeper than what people can get everywhere else. If you don’t love your content, you won’t be able to develop the depth and breadth of knowledge that make you someone worth listening to.

2. Value Your Audience – Who is on the other end of your communication? Do you really know them? Do you know what motivates them? Do you know why they trust you or what will make them trust you? Be ok with knowing that your content is not for everybody but it must be for a very specific group of somebodies. If you don’t obey this principle of narrowing your niche, you will dilute your impact on your target audience and their interest will wane.

3. Enjoy the Process – From start to finish, your content creation has a flow but if you don’t harness it, you’ll be frustrated and you’ll lose valuable time. Try documenting your process. Understand each step that it takes and learn to enjoy and respect the process. Do each step on purpose with appreciation for what that specific step contributes to the final product.

4. Celebrate the Impact – At the end of the day, you’re not doing all of this work for nothing. There’s an impact that you hope to make. There’s a person that you hope to equip and agitate and help. There’s a change that you hope to effect. You must remember and celebrate that impact as often as you can because the work is hard but when you celebrate the impact, you remember that its worth it. When someone writes you back, say thank you. When someone posts an encouraging comment, treasure it without allowing it to dictate your level of faithfulness.

5. Build Camaraderie with Your Team – Most of the time, you are either part of a team or you need to recruit a team. None of us has all of the skills it takes to achieve maximum impact. Your team may even include people who don’t do any of the “work” but keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. Whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Find a friend or ask your spouse to go on the journey with you. It matters.

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Roland Hairston

Roland Hairston loves God and loves people. He wrestles with ideas about life, faith, leadership and church and wields strategy, technology and communications to move people to action. As Publisher of Gospel Today, Roland has the joy of sharing information, inspiration, education and empowerment with the world.

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