‘Inspired’ By Lisa Ward, A ‘Happily Married Wife’


The Word of God speaks of great women of God throughout the Bible–Sarah, Esther, Deborah, Anna, and Mary–who were appointed to do great and mighty things for the Kingdom of God. After meeting and speaking with Lisa Ward, I’m even more convinced that just as the aforementioned women of the Bible that she too will do great and mighty things! Lisa, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, operates as wife, mother, prophet, author, and entrepreneur. Lisa is no stranger to humble beginnings. She is a woman who has great passion and a heart to see the people of God walk in their divine purpose, healing, and calling. She is the girlfriend that will tell it like it is! Lisa just wrote a book, Inspiring a Whole New You! And she was the contributing author in the upcoming book, Diary Confessions of a Happily Married Wife (release Spring 2016). She is also the one of the Host of The Happily Married Wives Radio Broadcast. I had the honor of catching up with Lisa and gleaning from her while in a hotel in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana.

GT: Hello Lisa! I am very glad to be speaking with you on this evening. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your ministry.

LW: (laughs bashfully) Well, I am just Lisa. I am also a wife, mother, a minister of the Gospel called for this time. I am simply a lover of the Word of God and His people. I want to see people walk out their deliverance.

GT: What inspired you to write Inspiring a Whole New You https://vi..ece.com/?

LW: Inspiring a Whole New You is a collaboration of words, wisdom, and inspiration. It’s things that I have learned, discovered, and been taught. My whole inspiration was to empower, equip, and to educate the men and women of God. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power.

InspiringAWholeNewYouGT: Lisa, you are doing some ah-mazing things! How do you keep up with all these things? You are a wife, minister, businesswoman. And didn’t you just open up a boutique?

LW: Prayer. I have a great support system, my husband is absolutely amazing, and yes, I did just open up a boutique, Kozy Kloset, in the beautiful city of Tallahassee, Florida. It has something for EVERYONE! I am truly humbled and grateful.

GT: Lisa, one of the things that you said in your book was, “You can’t be everything to everybody and be nothing to yourself.” That truly hit me like a ton of bricks! I think that we as women are guilty as charged of that in particular. We have our husband, children, career, business, etc. And more than likely, women are not taking care of themselves. I want to be the first to raise my hand and say that I was guilty of this—but NOT anymore! This spoke to my inner being!

LW: Yes, honey! You got it! Make YOU a priority!

GT: Anytime you speak with Lisa, you will walk away empowered to be a better woman, better Christian, just plain old BETTER! May God continue to bless the work of your hands, Lisa! You are truly a woman-on-the-move! “Oh the places you’ll go!”

For more from Lisa Ward, please feel free to visit her website and follow her on Twitter @LisaWardInspire.

Jessica Taylor-Mosley, a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ, is truly a woman after Gods’ own heart. She is the Founder of The Queen Esther Enterprises. The Queen Esther Enterprises houses The Queen Esther Radio Show, which airs on iHeart Radio and The May We Help You Radio Network (www.mwhyradio.com), School of Authorship, The Just Jessica Talk Show (coming February 2016), and The Queen Status Makeup Line. Jessica is an author, publisher, producer, professional make-up artist, and mid-wife to those who have dreams.