Back to Beauty Basics: The College Edition


Hello Beauties! It seems like we were just anticipating all of the festivities that summer has to offer and no sooner than we put away our heavy coats and sweaters, the summer months are coming to an end. We must get prepared for the next season in our lives and college is a very exciting time during a person’s life and living on campus requires that you purchase items that are convenient and useful. So in this month’s article I will be sharing some beauty products that I absolutely adore and recommend for the college student who still wants to maintain their grades and beauty regimen. Let’s get back to the beauty basics!

Con Air Rollers

1. Conair Hot Rollers

Hair is and will always be a major concern for women. However when you’re in school there isn’t much time allotted to making the process of maintaining your mane a production. That’s why these rollers are one of my favorite products. Simply let them heat up for a couple of minutes, apply them to your hair and let the rollers sit while you study or prepare for the next day or overnight depending on the look you want. Ladies, please trust me when I tell you that these have saved my hair on multiple occasions. Rollers are also an alternative to using tools that can cause heat damage such as flat irons and curling irons. If space in your living quarters is limited, these can fit in most vanity areas. 


2. Sonia Kashuk Makeup Storage

There is nothing worse than having a surplus of makeup and nowhere to put it. I know all too well what it’s like to have your makeup in different areas of your room. Sonia Kaushuk has a line of affordable and fashionable makeup trains and cases that will fit the biggest makeup fanatic’s cosmetic collection! So get organized and make it easier to find your favorite lipstick to wear to class!

Manicure set_

3. Manicure Set

Let’s face it, college can be costly but treating yourself doesn’t have to be. This manicure set includes everything you need to give yourself a well-deserved treatment. If you’re going to the salon you can take this kit with you, so go ahead and show you hands some well needed TLC.


4. Exfoliating Scrub

This product by Juara has become a bit of an obsession of mine and I highly recommend this product to you. I remember attending college and having long days and early mornings which were hard at times, especially my freshman year. This coffee scrub not only leaves your skin smooth and clean, but it is also made with real coffee beans that awaken your senses. If you need a pick me up in the morning before a lecture, I suggest you lather up with this hydrating scrub!

Kate Spade Planner

5. Planner.

Okay so a planner isn’t a beauty product, but planning is a beautiful thing so I suggest this Kate Spade planner that helps keeps your schedule and thoughts in order. College can cause your mind to be on overload due to a hectic schedule. From finals to projects and reading assignments, this planner can help you remember tasks that have to be completed. If you know someone who is college bound this organizer will make a great chic and inspirational gift.

I wish you a successful and progressive academic school year beauty!

Chelea Lanham is a young, bright and innovative Christian woman who is a native of Queens, New York. While in college, Chelea worked in the spa industry and soon after decided to explore her love for beauty by enrolling in Empire Beauty School’s certified makeup program and gained experience backstage at fashion shows and plays like “Mama I Want to Sing.” Chelea’s interest is also literary and she maintains a blog called “Saved. Celibate. Fab” that encourages women to live for God while discussing various topics that affect us all, especially single women in the Church. Chelea continues to work in the spa industry and is also an active member of Christian Cultural Center where she serves in the music ministry.