Food Is Fuel


Hmmm good! Lemon pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, kettle chips, vanilla ice cream, and grape soda. I’m in junk food heaven and loving it! 

Seriously though, I love freshly baked cookies and pound cake. I eat kettle chips with vanilla ice cream and grape soda. None of these treats have any nutritional value. The sugar rush is phenomenal and I’m hungry shortly afterwards. 

Empty calories rarely provide the energy necessary to engage in thinking work or expending physical energy. Our bodies are designed to efficiently burn fuel. Eating a proper diet provides the necessary fuel to sustain life. 

Being sure to eat protein, vegetables, fruit,  the good fats, grains, and complex carbs requires thought, planning, and TIME to cook. I often ask myself, “Do I feel like cooking?” “Do I want to cook today?” 

Interestingly, I grew up eating home cooked balanced meals daily. I didn’t eat a lot of junk food. I cooked daily when my children were young. Now as an empty nester, I have options. 

Discipline is required to make the right choices about food. One thing is certain; no one can make the decision for me. Join me in making wise choices about food for the remainder of 2015. Let’s eat the foods required to allow our bodies to function at the optimum level. 

  1. Eat a proper diet. Eat items from all of the food groups. 
  2. Remove processed food items from your diet. If it didn’t come out of the ground, spit it out. 
  3. Be willing to shop twice weekly for fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. Remember, the fish market is closed Sundays; “fresh” fish is unavailable Sundays in most stores. 
  4. Skip the aisle where the sweets are displayed. If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it. 
  5. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. You will think you are going to float away. 

The Scriptures encourage a balanced perspective in all areas of living. Don’t get psyched up and go on a campaign. Be aware of your choices. Be willing to change your mind if a better choice exists. Enjoy the journey. 

Dr. Vivian M. Jackson is the President of The Marriage Doctor, a marriage counseling ministry where she assists couples in developing strategies they are willing to implement to build strong relationships. Married for 38 years and the mother of two adult children, Vivian has practiced the craft of being married on the anvil of experience with Biblical principles as her guide. Affectionately known as Dr. Vivian, she speaks in conferences and hosts workshops around the nation. She is the First Lady of Hope Christian Church and the International Communion of Evangelical Churches headquarter in Beltsville, MD. Contacts:; @marriagedoctor2;;