Looking for a Credible Witness

Credible Witness (1)(Parker 6-20-15)

Those responding to this ad must be able to answer with a yield to the Holy Spirit and a yes to His will for your life. Applications accepted all day, every day. Only serious applicants need apply.

Help Wanted

Calling all those willing to work. Training provided for those chosen.

We are Experiencing a Mass Shortage of Credible Witnesses

We need witnesses that are reliable; trustworthy to live out the Gospel. It wouldn’t seem there would be a shortage of Kingdom workers especially in times like these. But, instead of remaining loyal to biblical definitions and tenants of faith for treating each other with the absence of malice, some of us have decided to recess into the background of indifference.

Pre-screened Applicants

We are seeking a certain type of Kingdom service applicant. Therefore, the following types of witnesses will not survive the cut:

1. The PI: Poser and imposter. Only those that worship in spirit and in truth are capable of becoming an example and share the love of Christ.

2. The POPO: Prisoner of popular opinion. This category is composed of those that have a higher regard for perception than truth.

What if some do not accept the truth? Their non-acceptance will not cancel the faithfulness of God! Certainly not! Let the truth of God stand and all else be deemed a lie.

3. The MIA: Missing in Action from Kingdom work due to manipulation, intimidation, and a self-serving agenda.

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. (Proverbs 16:25)

There are currently several positions available in the Race Division department.

Priority issues

  1. Race: A people group identified as distinct from others due to physical or genetic traits and classified together by common history, nationality, or geographic location.
  2. Racism: A belief or doctrine that inherent differences amongst the various human groups determine value. This philosophy supports the claim that:
    1. One’s own race is superior; has the right to dominate or eliminate others that are deemed inferior.
    2. A group, policy, or system of government that promoted discrimination, hatred, or intolerance of other race of people.

Job Description

The Conflict

And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth. We are all valued and loved by the Father with no regard to ascetics, hue, or culture.

The Assignment

The candidate for consideration must be brave enough to speak up and out against acts of violence and maltreatment directed toward others. Prayer is essential for guidance, however, the candidate must be able to carry out instructions to impact and effect change. The Credible Witness must be able to identify the spiritual ramifications of allowing racism to cripple our communities and generations with the arsenic of hate. Progress reports are required to measure the effectiveness the believer’s effort.

The Open Call

I hope I’ve captured your attention, just in case this message is for you.

I’m in lack of a Credible Witness. Will you be one of the many or the few?

First, let Me remind you of the kind of person I need.

I have some prerequisites for the job, so just relax and continue to read.

The applicant must be sincere and repentant of his sins.

And he must be willing to reject his former life so a new life can begin.

This is the foundation upon which I will build; integrity and character is with what My house must be filled.

You see, I have a lot of applicants that have responded to the call.

But because they are not rooted and grounded, they are unable to stand and utterly fall.

So perhaps you see My dilemma, there seems to be a shortage of those that worship in Spirit and in truth.

I need someone with courage that will preach My Word exposing sin at its core and root.

You may be My Credible Witness, with bonuses, incentives and reward.

Now that you’re hired, come and pick up your armor and your sword!

See Also:

1 Peter 2:1-25

Matthew 7:13-23

Lynne C. Parker

Lynne is cognizant of God’s order for our lives to place Him first as we serve our families and communities. She travels extensively as consultant for new and existing ministries. As minister and facilitator, she passionately executes kingdom mandates with spirit-filled teaching, powerful conclusions and life-truths.

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