Marcus Gill and His Single God Life


Marcus Gill is one of the most energetic, genuine, and consistent persons that I’ve met in a long time. He is focused to a fault. And every time I speak with him, I hear this scripture ringing in my ears. “And your young men shall see visions,” (Acts 2:17).

A visionary with a passion for people and Christ has become a rarity, but is one of the first things that you notice about him, in any one-on-one interaction.

marcus don't let your fleshWhen I called his secretary, asking if I could interview him for a Christian magazine, I left the call thinking, “I’ll probably hear back within the week.” To my surprise, later on that evening, the pastor with the inviting voice and megawatt smile was on the other end of my phone.

The ultimate ‘quote post’ expert has cemented himself as one of the top ministry pages on Facebook, right in the same circles with the likes of Sandi Krakowski and Tony Gaskins.

No, he doesn’t have a celebrity clientele; neither is he pushing a product, service, or self-help program. But he is giving hope to millions of people every single week through his ever-growing social media conversations with his many loyal followers.

Before I started his interview, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve interacted with and served clergy members for more than 14 years through my publishing business, so I am no longer shy or nervous when I am face-to-face or in this case, ear-to-ear with men that I respect.

IMG_3723Even still, I wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of his personality. Friendly and full of fire. Willing to tell his story without reservation or pretense. A closet comedian I suspect as well. But with a wisdom that makes you want to honor him, his gift, and his person.

After speaking with him, I was inspired to wait on God and seek Him with constant expression of my love for Him and my desire to see His will for my singleness carried out completely.

Talking to Pastor Marcus was about getting something from him that I believe singles, who are one of his main audiences, would be able to relate to. As I asked questions about his time of singleness, I was shocked to discover that he had already been married and divorced.

Before the age of thirty, was already in a position to be touched with the feelings of the infirmity of those who had loved and lost a love that once was.

rushunited biz cardHe knows heartbreak on a level that few ever recover from due to the loss of his daughter only hours after her birth.

I was amazed at his heroic posture as he proudly announced, “My baby is in heaven.” No sorrow or sadness on his words. But instead, with pride and passion, he explained how God had given him a second chance through it all.

“I got married for all the wrong reasons. It was about how it would ‘look’ to be a pastor and not married. She wasn’t a bad person and neither was I. It was just that we were coming together in a covenant that was founded on what other people thought instead of what we felt or what God was saying to us. The foundation wasn’t right, so there was no outcome that could be positive for us.”

I listened intently at the tone of his voice and the context of his words, and then it hit me! Of course he could post, “God is healing you from past pain experiences.” Because he knows what it’s like to be healed from past experiences.

Single-God-Life-Image-Inspiration-For-The-Saved-And-SingleHe could post that about God’s best for singles because he had learned the hard way the importance of waiting on God’s best, and the truth of what happens behind the scenes when you don’t.

The full revelation of what is happening on his Facebook page is simple, he’s posting his own testimony for the world to see.

When I asked him if he was still broken over the fact that his marriage didn’t last, his response encouraged me.  “No. I am happy and more focused than I have ever been. Losing my marriage and daughter were life-changing experiences for me, and I can see how I have grown and have developed a deeper fellowship and understanding of God through those things.”

Pastor Gill continued, “There is nothing to be gained by focusing on the past beyond learning from it. I want others to understand that they have control over how they live their best selves. I can’t say it enough, don’t settle for less than God’s best.”

For more information about Marcus Gill Ministries or RUSH Church United-New Haven Single GOD Life, Marcus’s new book, visit, “like” him on Facebook!

Dee Lockett

Dee Lockett advises authors, non-profit organizations and small businesses on how to use guerrilla marketing, social media and blogging to gain visibility and garner books sales and speaking engagements. Her passion is grassroots community projects and promoting ministry leaders throughout the Body of Christ.

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