Who’s Representing for Our Youth?

At gatherings, water coolers and think tanks all across this country, there are intense debates about what to do or better yet how to handle what appears with the natural eye to be a downward spiral amongst today’s youth.

If one were to look at the statistics alone, it would be easy to get discouraged about leaving the future of our country, even the world, to a generation whose moral compass appears to be non-existent.

But the bigger question for the modern Church has to be how do we engage the young people of today without using the antiquated, impersonal tactics of the past to start a meaningful conversation? Because this generation is desperate to be touched with sincere motives that are genuine and pure. If we are to truly share the love of Jesus in real-time parables that they understand, it will take a renewed mindset and an openness to listen to the voices that are crying out in the wilderness of urban American with compassion and patience.

More than refreshing banter when youth organizers stand up to lay claim on the souls of youth that are otherwise disenfranchised and many times alone. It is a hard task to present a united front and be engaging and relevant in the face of hopelessness. However, there are those with a burning passion and vision for the leaders, physicians, scientist, athletes, and corporate professionals that these young men and women are destined to become. Refusing to leave their souls dying on the vine with untapped talent and dynamic destiny, Reverend J.D. White is stepping up and stepping out to make a difference. “There is destiny locked away on the inside of each young person, they have no clue how to bring those gifts and talents to surface what God has strategically hidden in their spirit man,” proclaims Rev. White founder of the youth movement, iRep4Christ.

The real question is where do we start and how do we begin to touch with truth and lead by example?

“In our case, we play basketball with the neighborhood guys who might not go to church,  so that we can be an example of morality and dignity. We want to show that you can play a pick-up game and not swear, and be competitive, but not disrespectful,” says Rev. JD White.

iRep4Christ is a distinct organization that has taken the position of mentorship for young men who otherwise are driven to prisons, gangs, and illegal activity partially because of the winding road of self- doubt and inconsistencies in their own family life.

Rev. White has emerged in recent years as a Joshua with a vision far beyond that of the pastoral leadership that has come before him. Just like Timothy, the tutelage of his predecessors has left an indelible mark of the ministry that has risen in him. A man that truly understands the surmountable mission that is before him. “The vineyard of [youth] is ripe, but the laborers are few.” God has sent him out as a laborer amongst laborers to rally the troops and sound the alarm. “This [We] are the generation of them that seek thy face…”

J.D. White has ignited a fire in the hearts of all who know of his vision, and having seen his passion put to work. The work has to be done, the question is how involved will the Church be in partnering with a leader who is anointed to touch, heal, and deliver those young men, that everyone else has either given up on, or given in to. What will your part be in securing the future of new soldiers, being groomed to stand boldly and unashamedly, say to the world, “I [i] represent [rep] [4] for Christ!”

How will you Rep4Christ for the next generation?

To invite Rev. J.D. White to your organization visit him online at www.JDWhiteMinistries.org and for more information on the iRep4Christ Movement or to support this ministry financially, go online to www.iRep4Christ.com.

Dee Lockett

Dee Lockett advises authors, non-profit organizations and small businesses on how to use guerrilla marketing, social media and blogging to gain visibility and garner books sales and speaking engagements. Her passion is grassroots community projects and promoting ministry leaders throughout the Body of Christ.

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