Easy Fix


I will admit that at times, countless other women and I experience some beauty mishaps that can be downright annoying! But through experience and training, I have some extremely uncomplicated remedies that will correct these beauty issues that you may run into from time to time. Don’t fret, it’s an easy fix!

Face Primer

Problem: Makeup doesn’t last through the entire day.

Easy Fix: Primer.

Purchase a great primer. Primer prepares the skin for makeup application. It will smooth out any lines you may have and protect the skin by creating a thin barrier between your skin and your makeup. Primer also gives your foundation or tinted moisturizer something to adhere to.

Vitamin E Oil

Problem: Dry Lips.

Easy Fix: Vitamin E Oil.

This is a major problem especially if you’re experiencing these brutal New York City Winters. One of my favorite remedies is using Vitamin E Oil! I apply a dime-sized amount to my lips right before bed, so my lips can be repaired throughout the night. I also recommend exfoliating your lips to remove any dead skin that you may have. Don’t have a lip scrub? No worries! You can simply use your toothbrush to gently remove any extra skin you may have and apply Vitamin E Oil directly after.

Setting Powder

Problem: Oily Nose.

Easy Fix: Powder.

This is my pet peeve! For the small percentage of women who don’t have to combat this issue, I think I speak for the rest of us when I say I envy you! lol A lot of people have issues with what is known as the t-zone area (nose, forehead, and cheek area), especially if you have combination skin. So in addition to using a great non-oily primer to absorb any excess oil, you should also try using a powder to set your makeup as opposed to a setting spray.


Problem: Discolored or dull-looking teeth.

Easy Fix: Hydrogen Peroxide.  

Okay beauties, so I know there are tons of bleaching agents and whitening strips that promise to give your teeth a makeover and some of them will actually give you great results. But I have been using something just as powerful that you can find at your local drugstore for about .69: hydrogen peroxide! Yes, hydrogen peroxide that you use to prevent infections from open wounds is also an amazing oral agent! I have literally been using peroxide for years to keep my teeth white and healthy-looking. Simply gargle with a small amount of peroxide before brushing your teeth and you will see a major difference in the brightness of your smile.

Remember, when it comes to beauty, there’s always an “easy fix”! Have fun being beautiful!

Chelea Lanham is a young, bright and innovative Christian woman who is a native of Queens, New York. While in college, Chelea worked in the spa industry and soon after decided to explore her love for beauty by enrolling in Empire Beauty School’s certified makeup program and gained experience backstage at fashion shows and plays like “Mama I Want to Sing.” Chelea’s interest is also literary and she maintains a blog called “Saved. Celibate. Fab” that encourages women to live for God while discussing various topics that affect us all, especially single women in the Church. Chelea continues to work in the spa industry and is also an active member of Christian Cultural Center where she serves in the music ministry.