4 Beauty Myths Unmasked


When it comes to makeup and beauty, I often hear women discuss the untold truth about beauty concepts. In this month’s column, I’m going to shed some light on four of the most common beauty myths based on feedback from conversations with women. Let’s take a look at my top four beauty myths in this month’s “Beauty Myth Buster.”

Bare Minerals

1) “Makeup messes up your skin.” Ladies this is not true, not taking proper care of your skin can affect unhealthy skin but definitely not by wearing makeup. Do your research when it comes to makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are certain brands that can cause an allergic reaction if your skin is hypersensitive. The good news is that there are many organic product lines that will resolve this issue. There is no need to panic, just make sure you take care of your skin by removing ALL of your makeup before bed which includes, washing, and moisturizing your skin daily. Also don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week!


2) “I only wear expensive brands.” The amount of money that you spend on makeup has nothing to do with the quality or the uniqueness of formula. Often I hear women suggesting that the more expensive brands have a better quality which isn’t true. It’s all about the formulation, not the price. Don’t feel pressured to spend large amounts of money on beauty products. Find out which products work best for your skin and budget. Truth be told, my makeup and beauty products range from expensive to inexpensive. It really depends on the brand. You can find amazing and effective brands in drugstores, the same way you expect to find outstanding products in Sephora or Neiman Marcus. So whether it’s MAC or Milani, just make sure it works for you!

Origins Face Wash

3) “I use soap to wash my face.” This is a major skin felony and definite no-no! Some women are convinced that this method works and does not cause issues with their skin. Blah, blah, blah! If you’re over the age of 18, you NEED a real skin regiment and soap doesn’t count unless it’s a facial wash in the form of a bar! Again I suggest that you find a product that is non-comedogenic, doesn’t clog pores, and actually works. Regular soap is too dry and harsh for the skin and doesn’t address skin issues such as breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, etc. A good dermatologist or esthetician will be able to recommend the best products for your skin type.

Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick

4) “I don’t wear color lipstick because it doesn’t work for me.” Don’t restrict yourself from looking fabulous in vibrant lipstick colors such as reds, purples, and pinks. It’s so unfortunate that a lot of women shy away from rocking these bold colors. I understand that these colors can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never worn them before. But it’s a new year so step out of your comfort zone. Women with a darker skin tone and fuller lips, like me often think that brighter colors won’t look good. This is totally false. I was once that woman who was afraid to wear colors until I attended beauty school and my instructor introduced me to red lipstick and I haven’t looked back since! The truth is you can wear any color you want to. The trick is to modify the color according to your complexion by wearing the right LIPLINER! So update your beauty look by tossing those neutral colored lipsticks you’ve been wearing for the past 5 years and add some color to your life!

Chelea Lanham is a young, bright and innovative Christian woman who is a native of Queens, New York. While in college, Chelea worked in the spa industry and soon after decided to explore her love for beauty by enrolling in Empire Beauty School’s certified makeup program and gained experience backstage at fashion shows and plays like “Mama I Want to Sing.” Chelea’s interest is also literary and she maintains a blog called “Saved. Celibate. Fab” that encourages women to live for God while discussing various topics that affect us all, especially single women in the Church. Chelea continues to work in the spa industry and is also an active member of Christian Cultural Center where she serves in the music ministry.