Blind Spots


I recently read that the majority of all car accidents occur because at least one of the drivers involved fails to pay attention to their surroundings. While it is easy to avoid the objects that appear right in front of us or in our side and rearview mirrors, it can be extremely difficult to detect what is not clearly visible.

So, it has become a written rule that drivers should always remember to check their blind spots. The same should also apply when it comes to our faith walk. There are some snares that you won’t ever fall victim to because it’s easy to spot them from a mile away. Instead of panicking when these types of temptations approach you, know how to change lanes or if necessary, head in a different direction. On the other hand, there are situations that tend to sneak up on us unexpectedly, seemingly without warning. And if we have not been in constant communion with God, we’ll undoubtedly forget to check our blind spots; thus placing ourselves in very precarious predicaments. I am a living witness.

The enemy knew that he could not bait me with popular vices like drugs or alcohol. Those things just don’t appeal to me. However, I will admit my spiritual discernment was not entirely developed. So, certain people were able to slip into my blind spots undetected, pandering to my weaknesses. This not only created a messy wreck, but it also hurt those who were riding with me. All lessons that go unlearned are destined to be repeated, so I’ve now taken notice, understanding that I can never afford to ignore my blind spots again.

Perhaps you too can relate to experiences of unguarded moments in your own life; times when your stability was uprooted due to unforeseen traps, which is often the result of spiritual negligence. For it is through daily contact with the Ultimate Driving Instructor that we become totally aware of all potential dangers along life’s journey.

It is through His Spirit that we are guided to all things pertaining to life and Godliness. And through His Word we develop faith, which is the evidence of things unseen. So, no matter what you encounter in life, know that constant prayer and communion with God is your insurance and there is nothing that offers better coverage than that!

Michael Winans Jr is a 3rd generation member of the world renowned Winans family. Mike began his music career at the age of 16 singing alongside his cousins in the Gospel group, Winans Phase II. Soon after, Mike initiated a career in songwriting/production and formed his own company, Baby Mike Music. In 2006, he signed a co publishing deal with EMI Music and began working with many renowned artists. His music career spawned him millions of album sales and a Grammy nomination. But in 2013, Mike’s life took an unexpected turn when he was sentenced to nearly 14 years in Federal Prison. However, Mike has taken a position of strength by redirecting his attention to his foundation, Christ. Mike is now a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching nightly bible studies and ushering fellow inmates into the revelation of Christ.