The Divine Code of a Divine Moment


All moments in history are not equal; some are epic in their significance. In these divine moments, God sovereignly reveals Himself and His purposes, releasing an invitation to rewrite corporate or personal history. When willing vessels have a yes in their hearts, they can become the “hinge of history” on which a new door opens to a new divine possibility.

Leonard Ravenhill is credited with saying, “Prophets are God’s emergency men for crisis hours.” I believe that right now Heaven is positioning for the greatest preachers in history. This is truly a fullness-of-time juncture. Mathew Backholer, author of Understanding Revival, defines fullness of time as: “a series of synchronized events coming together as one which unlocks and releases all that God has for that particular situation.” You might say that there are combination codes to unlock divine moments.

I can remember my locker was underneath an upper-classman’s locker during my freshman year of high school. I always wanted to rush through my 38 to the right, 3 to the left, 19 to the right combination to quickly pop open my locker. Sometimes, I got freshman brain freeze, when people were standing over me, and I forgot my combination code. It was so embarrassing when this upper-classman and his girlfriend noticed the forgetful freshman. Similarly, I think that believers can feel the pressure of darkness crowding over our efforts and forget the combination code to unlock our divine moment.

Revival is for the wayward who have become numb of heart, spiritually fatigued, and dropped out of the race. Revival is also needed to remove selfish agendas and self-satisfaction. When a nation is filled with churches that have turned inward, there is a need to spiritually resuscitate them so they can become a thunderbolt of revival and deliverance. There is a process to becoming God’s pipeline. Jonah had to go through an alignment process in his his heart and and actions before he could receive his assignments and bring revival to Nineveh. Divine moments don’t open for us without our cooperation. Just as my combination lock had a sequence of three numbers, we need three things to unlock these kairos times:

  1. Revelation
  2. Relinquishing
  3. Risk-taking

Each person, in every generation, has a choice to either wander aimlessly or to strategically live a meaningful life. But in order to carry God’s revelation, we must take steps of obedience so that we can become His revelation. This is where relinquishing comes in. Jonah had to relinquish his very life–scholars believe that he sank to the bottom of the sea before being swallowed by the fish. Similarly, I believe the flash points of revivals we have observed have seemingly come when the Church looks to have sunk to new lows. Relinquishing looks scary, and definitely requires overriding control issues that we innately possess, but it always proves to be explosive. Hosea reminds us that relinquishing is the hinge point for the healing and reviving of a people:

Come, and let us return to the Lord; for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight. (Hosea 6:1-2)

God is serious about raising you up. Quite possibly, you may find yourself in a position of frustration. Frustration is often felt when your experiences aren’t living up to your expectations. This might be the greatest argument that you weren’t meant to live a status quo life. Something is getting ready to emerge out of your life. Get ready for a ride that will lead to your date with destiny and the impact you were meant to have. There’s something of the nature of God that must come through us during this hour–an explosion of truth and righteousness without regard for consequences. That’s where your reach the point of risk-taking, the final sequence that unlocks the combination code of a divine movement.

This is a book excerpt from I Am Your Sign: The Secret to Unleashing Revival and Igniting a National Awakening by Sean Smith. You can get your own copy of I Am Your Sign today and also connect with Sean through his website, Facebook, and Twitter @RevSeanSmith and @PointBlankIntl!

Sean Smith has spent approximately 28 years un full-time ministry, 10 of which was spent direction campus outreach ministries at the University of the Pacific and California State University Chico Campuses. He is currently active in outreaches to universities and colleges all across the nation and involved in full-time evangelism all over the U.S. and overseas. His messages are prophetic, challenging people to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Sean’s services witness the Holy Spirit’s supernatural release to meet people with a heart of compassion and to touch their needs. In addition to his evangelistic ministry, Sean is partnering with Jesus Culture to see a generation of revivalists raised up. In May of 2001, Sean received a Masters in Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. The Smith family resides in San Ramon, California.

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