10 Fast Breakers for 2015

10 Fast Breakers (1)(2) (sans text)

While attending a Prayer and Breakfast event, Pastor Alice Hemmeian declared, “Break Fast on Your Faith.” She eloquently expounded that “breakfast” was a compound word that suggests the commencement of an action that had been previously discontinued. On this particular morning, what it meant to break fast was indelibly written on the tablet of my heart.

Fasting is not to incorporate food, water, a habit, or an activity for a specified period of time as part of your daily functions. People deny themselves for various reasons like: cleansing, health, physical training, diet, political agenda or to gain spiritual strength. As believers, some of us have self-imposed an additional fast; abstaining from using faith! Not using faith can render us faithless; one of a believer’s greatest insults to God.

Faith is an unquestioning belief and accepted fact that something is always true without observable proof or evidence. This means, as believers, we have confidence our Father has resolved our issues and recorded them eternity as done. We trust God.

First, you do need to fast (deny) your flesh reaction to lean toward or accept:


  • Unbelief. Skepticism is an antagonist for your acceptance of His ability to do anything for you or in your life.
  • Discouragement. Depleted hope is fertile ground for planting seeds of defeat.
  • Disappointment. Outcomes can often mismatch expectations, leading us to accept being let down as the rule rather than the exception to the rule.
  • Feeling the pressure of living up to other’s expectations. Driven by the fear of embarrassment, King Ahasuerus divorced his queen to save face in front of his royal crew.
  • Dwelling on previous failures. Hannah was grievously tormented because of her infertility. Her catharsis served as the catalyst for her future.
  • Impatience proscribes developing the practice of waiting without anxiety.
  • Accepting defeating criticism. They were ready to stone David after the attack on Ziklag. Without regard, he led the army to recover all.
  • Procrastination. Excuses only prolong your process for achieving your goals.
  • Insecurity. King Saul had an extensive list of victories against his enemies. Yet, he allowed accolades for a young warrior serve to undermine his confidence.
  • Self-doubt. Eleven of the spies sent to survey Canaan concluded they were insignificant adversaries and doubted God would give them victory over insurmountable challenges.

Now you are ready for the “Fast Breakers.” This list is to end denial of essentials for your “dietary” life in Christ:


  • Break Fast on Your Faith. Many of us need to break the fast on our faith and believe God for His promises. We have developed a dietary deficiency; it’s time to get back to health. Breaking fast on your faith empowers you to break fast away from everything else!
  • Break Fast on Your Expectations. “Un-limiting” your expectations invite God to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think. It is activated by the amount of faith you allow to “grow” in your spirit.
  • Break Fast on Possibilities. Start to refocus your lens for all God will do. Hint: He does the most on our behalf in situations that appear impossible to solve.
  • Break Fast on Resources. We often limit ourselves to seemingly feasible options. His creativity exists and extends beyond our vantage point.
  • Break Fast on Education and Knowledge. We use our key to access knowledge when we search and study the Word! Make it a priority to spiritually and intellectually comprehend what the Word says.
  • Break Fast on Redemption. We don’t deserve it, but He extends it to by His love for us. Accept it.
  • Break Fast on Authority. We are kingdom ambassadors. Begin to move as well-informed believers according to the power that works in us through God.


It’s Your Time to Break Fast

What are some of your Fast Breakers for numbers 8 through 10? It may be fear of re-commitment, facing rejection, or refraining from a closer walk with God. Start your fast to deny your flesh response today and Break the Fast on your Faith for 2015 this week, this month, and for the years to come!

Lynne C. Parker

Lynne is cognizant of God’s order for our lives to place Him first as we serve our families and communities. She travels extensively as consultant for new and existing ministries. As minister and facilitator, she passionately executes kingdom mandates with spirit-filled teaching, powerful conclusions and life-truths.

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