Meal Prep Your Way to Health

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I tell my athletes and clients all the time that 90% of the fitness results they want to achieve will be based on what they eat. The achievements that come from putting in the work during exercise only account for 10% of the overall goal. YOU CAN’T OUT-EXERCISE A BAD DIET! If you eat Chick-fil-A for breakfast, Chipotle for lunch, and The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, don’t expect to see gains in the gym or a decrease in pounds on the scale eating like this. However, not eating is a poor solution to changing your dietary habits. One of the biggest Food Myths of all is that eating less will cause fat loss. If you are eating fewer than three times a day, more than likely you’re eating an unhealthy diet and probably gaining weight. My challenge for you this week is to pay attention to the total quantity of food you eat and not the frequency of food intake.   The most effective way to do that is to prepare your own meals.

Meal prepping is one of the easiest changes you can make on this Temple Takeover journey. It will allow you to stay fit, healthy, and happy. I’ve put together some reasons as to why meal prepping is beneficial and some tips if you decide to embark on this challenge.

Why Meal Prep?

1) Meal prepping will help you stay on track with your daily food and calorie consumption.

There’s no questioning the quality of your food when you prepare it in your own kitchen. Tracking your caloric intake is imperative if weight loss is your goal. Preparing your food in advance will cut down the chances of you eating a high calorie snack or extra cheat meal at your favorite restaurant.

2) You WILL save money if you decide to meal prep.

Homemade chicken stir fry that will last you two to three days is a cheaper option than Longhorn three days in a row for lunch. Eating out is always the most expensive option–for your pocket and your arteries! Why not save yourself some money by picking one day on the weekend to cook your own meals for the week ahead of time.

3) Not only will you save money, you’ll save time.

No one likes wasting time, especially when it comes to eating. Imagine a work day that starts with a four hour department meeting and lunch break has been cut from 60 to 20 minutes. You go to the break room fridge, put your lunch in the microwave and two minutes later you’re ready to eat! The healthy meal choice allows you to stay awake during the rest of the meeting. While your co-workers who went to the fast food spots across the street, have become bobble-head dolls. You can also save time in the morning if you cook breakfast ahead of time. More time in the morning means more sleep and ultimately a happier you throughout the day. More time AND money. Can you say Hallelujah?!



  • Prepare your meals for four to five days to keep it from spoiling.
  • Larabars are my go-to snack of choice. They have 22 different flavors. You should have no problem finding one you like.
  • Tupperware is your friend and provides an easy way to divide your meals.
  • Set time for Saturday or Sunday afternoon to get all prepping done.
  • Don’t get too complicated with your cooking. Sometimes easy is the most delicious.
  • Keep fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds readily available.
  • Plan out everything to the last meal. You want to make sure you don’t overlook any items even if it takes a few tries. There’s nothing wrong with trial and error when new to meal prepping.


Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place. (Proverbs 16:3 MSG)

Rashad Sanders

Rashad A. Sanders is a celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach and has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He received his B.S. in Marketing from Oral Roberts University and eventually earned his M.S. degree in Recreation and Sports Administration from Western Kentucky University. Rashad has had the opportunity to train college and professional athletes, pastors, gospel artists, actors, state senators, music producers and other entertainers. After eight years of working as a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA, Rashad decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to Houston, TX. He Is currently a Lead Coach at Iron Tribe Fitness – Missouri City. In addition to coaching, Rashad is a regular contributor to Gospel Today and an enthusiastic Falcons fan. He and his wife, Andrea, currently reside on the southwest side of Houston.

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