The Five Cs for Living Abundantly

Choice. Change. Commitment. Courage. Control. Now imagine. A life that is abundantly rich in peace, patience, kindness, love, and generosity. Is it reality thinking in today’s society to have all of those qualities present in one’s personality simultaneously? Sure it is. It is God’s intent for all of us. However, the absence of a balanced mind, body, and spirit will impact God’s process for molding, building, and transforming us. So, how do we achieve a balanced mind, body, and spirit? An effective way is through God’s gift of choice and commitment to change tainted thinking and also by asking Him for the courage to control distractions that can prevent us from actively pursuing healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to transformation.

The following dialogue is an example of how choice, change, commitment, courage and control can affect our journey to live healthier and be transformed.

“Coach, I’m ready. I really mean it this time,” Charlotte said, sounding desperate. “I am so tired of feeling like I do. I am so tired of being 52 pounds overweight. I am so overwhelmed with the voices of anxiety, frustration, doubt, and fear in my head. Creating even more anxiety, the other day, a random woman at work asked me if I was pregnant.”

“Oh no!” I exclaimed. “Not pregnant!”

“That’s why I need you, my friend, the Coach. On my birthday next month, I’ll be 48. For me that means another year of not liking the way I look and feel.”

“Do remember the five Cs?”

“Choice. Commitment. Change. Courage. Control?”

“Correct. You did great the first couple months of 2014 with employing all five. You outlined your plan for becoming physically active, eating healthier, reducing your intake of caffeine, and managing your stress. You started walking 2 to 3 times a week and had worked your way up to an hour. You were committed to learning how to be creative with cooking healthy meals.”

“Yes, I did all of those things. And by doing so I lost 27 pounds and was feeling better about myself. You helped me to understand how and why I used food as a coping mechanism. Then my efforts came to a screeching halt. Between the stress of changes on my job, leading my ministry team, drama with my mother, and my breakup with Wesley, I didn’t have the desire or the energy to focus and continue,” Charlotte admitted.

“Sounds like you went back to food as your coping mechanism instead of confronting the reality of your issues.”

“Yes, I did.”

“The components of your life that coincide with the five Cs will continue to be a cycle of starts and stops until you address the root causes impacting your ability to maintain consistency. The root causes that we tend to stay in denial about (i.e. negative thoughts, feelings, and actions) are what cause us to slip in and out of our cycle of true transformation, thus keeping it from taking place. Meanwhile, you’ll be easily tempted to entertain unhealthy activities.”

Charlotte interjected, “Yes, I know. I’ve been doing Talk Therapy. My therapist is helping me to dive deeper into my childhood and my relationship with my mother. A conversation that has been difficult for me. Number one, I have to stop living in the past and start living in the present.”

“I am so happy for you!”

“Now, I feel like I’m really ready. For starters, I am making my pledge today to start walking 2 to 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I will work my way back up to an hour. And, I think I’ll sign-up to participate in my company’s 5K walk.”

“Great goal to keep you focused!”

“I am really ready to celebrate God’s gift of another year with a new attitude for living healthier mind, body. and spirit. And, I definitely don’t want to experience another pregnancy comment.”

“Always remember that you have to dive deep to find your solutions for confronting and managing setbacks associated with trials, emotions, and struggles. Because life is uncertain and unpredictable, a failure to effectively confront and manage will suppress the connection of your five Cs and limit your ability to acquire a balanced mind, body and spirit.”

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23 NKJV)

Bridgette L. Collins

AFAA-certified personal trainer and RRCA-certified running coach Bridgette L. Collins is the author of Broken In Plain Sight, Destined to Live Healthier: Mind, Body, and Soul and Imagine Living Healthier: Mind, Body, and Soul. She is also the owner of Total Innovative Wellness Solutions, LLC., a consulting firm that provides individuals and organizations with strategic solutions for implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits. She has been an avid runner for more than 20 years participating in a plethora of endurance race events (from 5Ks to marathons). Learn more about Coach Collins at

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