The Walk of Faith

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

There are certain episodes in our lives that feel surreal, unimaginable even. Perhaps if given a snapshot of an event prior to it happening, we would even utter the words, “that’ll never happen to me.”

For some it strikes in the form of a broken relationship; the severing of ties with the one you vowed to have and to hold until death parted the union. But once the covenant was broken, you were left to pick up the remnants of a shattered heart. Others are in a vicious bout with an invisible opponent; the kind that climbs aboard their shoulders applies its intense pressure and drains them of their joy robbing them of all ambition. And some of us have lost our freedom–at least physically–and we’d give practically anything to be on the other side of the barbed wire because something about this brand of punishment just doesn’t seem right.

The question of why God allowed us to be blindsided by such hurtful experiences plagues our brains. At least I’ve asked that question more than a few times and even came up with several scenarios of how the Lord could have gotten my attention without me having to go through so much. I eventually figured out that MY plan doesn’t always coincide with HIS. But, no matter how bleak the circumstances appear, there is always light at the end of the tunnel if we continue to seek the face of God and pray that His perfect will be done in our lives.

It is often these uncomfortable “valley moments” that draw us closer to Christ.

As believers in Christ, we always have hope no matter what we go through. It is often these uncomfortable “valley moments” that draw us closer to Christ. The valley is where our strength is tested and our faith is refined. After all, we live by faith! And faith is still the answer especially in difficult times. But, faith comes by hearing the Word of God. That means it is imperative to continue to study (The Word) to show yourself approved before the Lord.

And as you study the Word of God, your faith muscles will grow. And as your faith grows, you’ll begin to realize that NOTHING is impossible for you! Through faith we are victorious over every obstacle that comes our way! So, take courage and begin to see your test as a set up for a testimony, realizing that through your storm God will ultimately be glorified. And always remember that as you walk out your faith, you’re never walking alone.

Michael Winans Jr is a 3rd generation member of the world renowned Winans family. Mike began his music career at the age of 16 singing alongside his cousins in the Gospel group, Winans Phase II. Soon after, Mike initiated a career in songwriting/production and formed his own company, Baby Mike Music. In 2006, he signed a co publishing deal with EMI Music and began working with many renowned artists. His music career spawned him millions of album sales and a Grammy nomination. But in 2013, Mike’s life took an unexpected turn when he was sentenced to nearly 14 years in Federal Prison. However, Mike has taken a position of strength by redirecting his attention to his foundation, Christ. Mike is now a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching nightly bible studies and ushering fellow inmates into the revelation of Christ.