A Mother’s Prayer

Kimberly N. Yancy

Kimberly N. Yancy

My day began with high of expectation as my husband and I celebrated the ending session of our church association at our regional church affiliate campground. We rode home full of excitement as we shared about the sermons and the reports given that week of a great Jesus celebration. And then my cell phone began to chirp.

“Hello, this is Kimberley.”

“Mrs. Yancy, this is the Summer Camp administrator. Your daughter has been bullied by an older female high school student that desires to date her and your daughter is uncomfortable with that. Your daughter came to talk to us today about it in our office.”

I began to immediately pray as I knew this homosexual demon all too well. I had written a play in college entitled, “Holy Ghost Takeover” which depicted the horrors of sexual sin and confusion due to venerable physical and emotional rape. Many came forward during that weekend of the play and shared their testimonies and rededicated their lives to Christ to pursue a life of sexual purity until marriage. I had written that play a year after my own college date-rape experience that left me feeling confused, guilty, and isolated. For 20 years I had purposefully saved myself for my one day future husband and in one night, my virginity was viciously taken away by a date that I had never even kissed.

I informed the Summer Camp administrator that my husband and I would speak to my daughter about the alleged bullying. When she came home, my husband and I listened to her and ministered to our daughter about what the Bible says about homosexuality and how to handle it when she is approached by someone who wants her to engage in that practice. The look in her eyes, which were watery at one moment and dry at others, let me know that she was curious and truly wanted to know how to respond without losing a potential new friend. It is a conversation that more Christian mothers are having with their daughters as the homosexual lifestyle has become more accepted and mainstream. My husband and I  have counseled families over the years, more so within the last five years, about their children participating in a homosexual lifestyle without conviction and biblical strategies to deal with it. We never thought that it would touch our house the way it has.

We adopted my daughter when she was three years old.  We were her tenth and final placement home in her short three years, but I noticed that she was very adaptive to her surroundings however much they changed. I determined that it must be a survival instinct she acquired from being placed in so many foster homes at such a young age. Now at 14 years old and an entering high school freshman, she was, in fact, trying to find herself and her identity to determine her own personal self-worth.

We shared with her about what God says about sin and also that there are certain behaviors for Christians such as practicing homosexuality that are non-negotiable. We prayed with our daughter every day for a week, spoke to school administrators as well as the alleged bully (who riddled our phone with her excessive phone calls), and set boundaries for our daughter. The Holy Ghost whispered to me that this child was destined for greatness; however, this may be one of her issues she has to overcome.

My travail has increased as the battle has intensified, as now in this new culture of sexual openness, both boys and girls will seek to date my child and lead her away from the practice of abstinence and purity. However, we will take it one day at a time, love our daughter, and gently guide her to the Word of God that will lead her to make wise, godly behavior choices. My prayers will go places that my hands and feet can’t, that I do know. My prayers will ignite the heavenly angels to protect my child because God promised me in Proverbs 22:8 “Teach a child to choose the right path, and when [s]he is older, [s]he will remain upon it.” If I train up my child in the way that she should go, though she may depart for a time, she will return to God’s path. My husband and I have to do our part and focus on teaching, training, keeping her in church and exposing her to other Christian youth her age that are committed to living for Christ. God will handle the rest.

Kimberley N. Yancy is an educator, CEO, motivational speaker, author, wife, and mother of 4 children. She often writes under the pseudonym “Mikasenoja.” She is also the Director of Ministries at New Vision Church in Dickinson, TX (a suburb of Houston).