5 Truths That Strike the Right Chords in a World Out of Tune



God designed human beings to be both sexual and moral creatures. However, sin’s entrance into the world has led many to live morally and sexually ambiguous lives. Society and Satan’s pitches are attuned with promoting lifestyles contrary to God’s design such as homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Christians are challenged regularly on these topics as they engage with colleagues, loved ones, neighbors, and lawmakers. As Believers, one of our objectives is to present truth to those deceived so restoration can occur. Unfortunately, inharmonious debates exchanged between Believers and non-believers have sent both parties sputtering in the wrong direction. Here are five truths to help Believers strike the right chords in a world out of tune.

1) God Made Men and Women in His Likeness (Genesis 1:26). God’s attributes can be seen equally in men and women. He has chosen to amplify certain traits in men and others in women. Together, men and women were created in God’s image and likeness. Satan attempts to counterfeit everything God does, including His design for male and female relationships, marriage, and sex (yes, in that order). While homosexuality has become the focus, the devil’s greater agenda is to confuse one’s identity; to suggest there is no difference between men and women. As Christian rap artist, Crucial, says in his song “Homosexuals” from his Hard Truth album: “But man, don’t you know the devil’s been in pursuit? Deception wouldn’t be deception if it didn’t seem true.” (Hear “Homosexuals” on iTunes, track #11.)

2) God Will Not Compromise His Character, His Name, or His Word. God’s Word is forever settled. If God compromised who He is, His Word, or His promises, it would mean our defeat. His promise of eternal life, His equipping us to walk in full victory over temptation would be rendered null and void. Does a good parent compromise the safety and life of their child to cater to that child’s harmful whims? No. So it is with our Heavenly Father. God’s Word is not subject to compromise, concession or vote as is a democracy. God will not compromise His character so we may gain favor with man.

3) Show Compassion, Not Compromise.As God’s Elect and Ambassadors of Christ, we are asked to “deal gently with those who are ignorant or misguided since we ourselves are subject to weakness” (Hebrews 5:2). We all struggle with something and none of it is new under the sun. While Christians are to be compassionate and loving toward others in their struggle, this doesn’t mean we compromise God’s Word so we thereby reinforce their behavior. This will keep them enslaved, not set free.

4) Christ Can Restore the Beauty Satan Distorts. “Satan seeks to distort the beauty God created,” says gospel rap artist Octavia Harris of Cincinnati, Ohio. Well-respected in the gospel rap industry, Harris previously lived 10 years as a lesbian before asking Christ into her life in 2005. Redeemed, restored, and sold out for Christ today, Harris produces clever beats and lyrical truths to help others successfully navigate around Satan’s counterfeit schemes. Of her former lesbian lifestyle, Harris says she bought into Satan’s lie that “You’re not good enough the way God created you.”

Harris says, “I shaved my head, wore baggy clothes. Homosexuality had me wearing different masks. I was drowning in subtle deception and lies. But God tells us in Psalm 139:14 that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ For those struggling, don’t give up. Deliverance is available through Christ. He can turn it around.” Listen to Octavia’s full testimony shared here on my Voices Against the Grain radio show.

5) Remain Girded Up in God’s Word. Society will always reaffirm the deceptions. Therefore, we must remain girded up in God’s Word which is constant, never changing.God’s Word has prepared His People to endure and to empower others in these and all situations. The only way we can discern truth from lie is to spend time in God’s Word, in His Presence, and surround ourselves with those who walk in and instruct His truth. As told in II Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”

Nicole D. Hayes is committed to serve as a vessel of compassion, instruction, love, and truth for Jesus Christ. She is the creator of Voices Against the Grain, a bold blog and online radio show designed to help audiences “advance God’s Kingdom in a ‘do your own thing’ society.” Nicole is also co-owner of Pieces of Life, LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based public relations consultancy that serves various nonprofits and small businesses. She and her brother operate with a company and personal mantra of “making our investment in people.” You may connect with Nicole on Twitter, Facebook, and at voicesagainstthegrain.com.

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