Pulling the Rip Cord of a Modern-Day Revival



In Cataracts of Revival, G.J. Morgan wrote, “In the hidden ledger of God there is a specific law where every revival works accordingly, and every law runs back to the source of all things.” In His infinite wisdom the Father has placed a dynamic promise, which constitutes a covenant of revival, in the book of Second Chronicles:

Then the Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said to him; “I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice. When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:12-14)

In his book, Revival Fire, Wesley Duewel says it like this:

Thousands of times God has fulfilled the revival covenant on a region, or a nation. The more [pervasive] and total the prayer and obedience of His children, the more widespread God’s outpoured revival through the power of the Spirit can become.

On the heels of Solomon’s dedication of the Temple, the glory of God came so powerfully that everyone was overcome by the power of God. In the midst of this, God appeared to Solomon in a night visitation and gave him a promise. Now remember, the Israelites were in a time of spiritual awakening, perhaps the high point of their history. And it was at this moment that God offered a key promise that has become our desperate hope today. God knew this promise would be needed in dark days ahead, ones in which the heavens would seem to be shut and there would be no widespread outpouring of the Spirit. These dark days would be characterized by ecological, and physical devastation, as symbolized by locusts devouring the land in Second Chronicles.

Today, less than a third of this current generation has any church background. Consequently, we have an epidemic of drug abuse, suicide, self-mutilation, online porn, resurgence of Wicca, anorexia, sexual perversion, abortion, prostitution, rising violence, despair, genocide, and gender bending. We can choose to remain nonchalant as the modern locusts devour our land or we can raise the trajectory of our warfare and intercession. We can harden or we can humble.

God gave Solomon and His people throughout history this covenant as an invitation to solicit Heaven for revival. Before he went to be with the Lord, Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, said:

During my 40-days fast, the Holy Spirit assured me again and again that God will send a great revival to America and the world when His people heed His call to turn to Him, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. I am confident that this awakening will result in the greatest spiritual harvest in history.

5 Stages in the Divine Summons of Second Chronicles 7:14

Stage 1: “If My people…

We must be gripped by the need for extreme transformation. There’s not substitute for this. Without it, we will never stretch ourselves out for the healing of our land and the saving of the lost. We live in a nation that has lost its soul, and if that doesn’t break us, we may have lost a part of ours. The youth, our future, have become our immediate fear as well.

Stage 2: “Who are called by My name…

Make no mistake–you have been called out. You and I have been summoned by God to play a significant part in becoming catalysts for a move of God. The phenomenon of spiritual awakening, whether in Scripture or more recent history, usually begins with unlikely individuals rising to the challenge of the times in which God put them. Before a train can move, there must be a driving force. Before a rocket will launch, there must be something that puts the propulsion in the boosters. God knows how to create a spark and light a fuse, a prophetic vision, that triggers the intended vessels into a holy compulsion.

Stage 3: “…will humble themselves…”

This stage is so pivotal. If skipped, there is no point in asking for revival in prayer. Mario Murillo, an American revivalist, says:

You stand before the greatest door in history. Beyond this door lie the most precious gifts of God. Beyond this door you will find the keys, the secrets of the heroes of faith who have gone before you. They shoot their generations; they established justice and they stood at one time where you now stand.

He goes on to say, “This door is not opened by talent…nor mental prowess; it is opened by an attitude.” The attitude that gains entrance to the greatest door in history is humility. No plan will bail us out if we lack humility before the throne of God. Proof that someone is a seeker of revival is that he or she is truly humbling him– or herself. Revival is a work of the Holy Spirit that requires the grace of the Father the operate in our midst, this requires surrender.

Stage 4: “…pray and seek My face…”

Humility must create such a habit of reliance in our lives that we find ourselves on our knees. After my own brokenness experience, the first thing I found myself enjoying was praying. I had always had my own quiet time with God, but this was different. I was delighted in sharing the Father’s heart and seeing God’s face for a corporate outpouring and ingathering of souls. We began having campus-awakening intercession before classes. At first I had to graf students there, and they would often fall asleep on me. Then suddenly, God’s Spirit began to move in our prayer time, and more students started coming to pray. There are very few things that spiritually compare to being a part of a group of committed Christians calling out to God for souls and an awakening. Prayer always precedes a global harvest.

Stage 5: “…turn from their wicked ways…”

Turning from one’s wicked ways is a call to return to a lifestyle of personal holiness. Revival will not come, let alone be sustained, without Christians committed to holiness. Your impact on your culture and your ability to speak into other people’s lives will be severely blunted if you are not free from the spirit of the world. We are a generation that is savvy to fakes and hypocrites. You cannot be frozen in a fallen culture when God has chosen you to set that same culture free. The enemy wants to see potential emerging revivalists caught up in the intoxication of this age. You are going to be tempted on every side, but Heaven releases its holy weaponry to equip you to stand against all attacks.

This is a book excerpt from I Am Your Sign: The Secret to Unleashing Revival and Igniting a National Awakening by Sean Smith. You can today and also connect with Sean through his website, Facebook, and Twitter @RevSeanSmith and @PointBlankIntl

Sean Smith has spent approximately 28 years un full-time ministry, 10 of which was spent direction campus outreach ministries at the University of the Pacific and California State University Chico Campuses. He is currently active in outreaches to universities and colleges all across the nation and involved in full-time evangelism all over the U.S. and overseas. His messages are prophetic, challenging people to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Sean’s services witness the Holy Spirit’s supernatural release to meet people with a heart of compassion and to touch their needs. In addition to his evangelistic ministry, Sean is partnering with Jesus Culture to see a generation of revivalists raised up. In May of 2001, Sean received a Masters in Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. The Smith family resides in San Ramon, California.

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