Praying More Effectively, Part III

Through this 3-part Summer series “Praying More Effectively,” we have searched the Scriptures for what it truly means to be clear, direct, and consistent when we pray. We learned that in order for us to be properly heard in Heaven, we need to first be clear channels for God to use. We looked at the power of focus that begins to manifest when we pray specifics. In this final segment, we will take an indepth look at why it is so important for us to remain constant when we pray.

So then, since we have a great High Priest who has entered heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we believe… And let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. (Hebrews 4:14,16 NLT)

Well if this is the case, why do we have to keep coming to Him to ask, again and again?

Although we have a powerful, all-knowing Father in Heaven, Who has graciously pledged to help us in our weakness, it must be understood that we have inherited a fallen world. But not without hope! Through Jesus, we now possess a delegated authority and responsibility to properly deal with the dynamics of a fallen world.

We are God’s chosen agents here in the earth, primarily assigned to the expansion of the Kingdom of light and the restraining of the Kingdom of darkness.

We must realize that no matter how articulate, how complex, and how potent our prayers are, there is an ulterior force in the world with the absolute intent to counter our prayers, and ultimately, destroy us. Though we are victorious in Christ, we must constantly enforce kingdom rule. The enemy is not just going to hand over territory, city transformation, inheritance, destiny, and prophetic promises. Contrary to popular opinion and much postmodern Christian preaching today, there is still a real enemy present in the earth today. And he does not want you, me, or anyone else for that matter, operating in the Kingdom blessing made available to us through the blood of Jesus.

Contrary to popular opinion…there is still a real enemy present in the earth today.

In Luke 18, we see Jesus’ famous parable on prayer. He tells the story of the unrighteous judge that refuses to give justice to the desperate widow of his city. By her continual coming before his throne, she makes him weary. We see this same reality being demonstrated in James’ letter when he urges the Believer to “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Jesus never said that we had to be stronger or more influential than Satan’s system. He said to pray constantly and resist his influence. As we do, we rightly enforce our kingdom-dominion rule, as it was established by Jesus when He led captivity captive.

Jesus said to pray constantly and resist Satan’s influence.

The Kingdom of God is advanced by believers who consistently take their stand. One of the main ways that we can enact our rulership as sons and daughters of the Most High is through perpetual prayer. In prayer, confessions and declarations serve as battering rams of spiritual ammunition on the Kingdom of Darkness. But I dare say that a heart sustained by perpetual prayer and worship is even more powerful than that. Where God’s people pray and praise, He is there. No enemy can compete with the presence of God. It automatically initiates a revival zone! If every believer, in every place, were praying in faith daily, the landscape and fiber of this world would be forced to accommodate the presence of God “like the waters do the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

Confessions and declarations serve as battering rams of spiritual ammunition on the Kingdom of Darkness.

We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We are in a complex war that is much more above our heads than we could ever know (2 Corinthians 10:4,5 NKJV). In the Scriptures, Jesus tells His disciples about their need to pray continuously and not to be discouraged (Luke 18:1 CEB). I find this statement very interesting because Jesus links constant prayer and discouragement. Why in the world would Jesus link two things like this together? Personally, I believe that Jesus well knew from His own personal experience that we would feel discouraged sometimes when we pray. He knew that the labor and toil associated with deep intercession could yield feelings of weariness and defeat. Jesus engaged in this level of prayer often. Prayer was not a foreign custom in the Jewish culture. As a practicing Rabbi and The Great Intercessor of the Church, Jesus was more than familiar with the ministry of prayer (Hebrews 7:25).

Jesus knew from His own personal experience that we would feel discouraged sometimes when we pray.

Our most intense account of Jesus’ literal intercessory engagement is depicted in Matthew 26 in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here, as He prayed earnestly, even to the point that His sweat began to appear as blood, He was making the spiritual exchange that allowed Him to bear the spiritual weight of atonement through the Crucifixion.  For Him to be even be able to engage at this level and then to be ministered to by angels, and then to be endued with the power needed from God to endure the Cross; we know of a surety that this was definitely no first encounter for Him.

The spirit realm is the causal realm.

This spiritual pattern was engaged in by priests, prophets, kings, and everyday people. The Word of God makes it clear to us that this reality still remains true in the earth today. The spirit realm is the causal realm. The Kingdom work that we engage in in our natural world is secondary. We must first engage the spirit realm for our works to be recognized as legitimate.

Men and women of God should wear prayer as a lifestyle.

Persistence in prayer is the necessary constant for consistent victory. It is the real spiritual engagement. Despite the agony associated, men and women of God should wear prayer as a lifestyle. The Scripture promises us in Galatians 6 that we will indeed reap, if we faint not. It is through faith and patience that God’s promises are realized. Let’s make it our prayer that Christ’s Church rises up as never before, as those that contend in prayer until the Kingdoms of this world truly become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ! Be clear, be specific, and be consistent. And see the salvation of your God in answered prayer.

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