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IC4U – Intensive Care for You, Inc. announces its official launch to debut this Fall, 2014 in Buffalo, New York. IC4U – Intensive Care for You, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit service organization dedicated to increasing awareness and providing solutions for social, professional, and spiritual conflicts experienced by ministry leaders, their families, and support care.

The success of a number of ministries can be attributed in part to its leaders and servant-families. Husbands, wives, and preacher’s kids are frequently overlooked and underappreciated for the sacrificial sharing of a leader yielded to the Kingdom call. Even with additional supports in place, staff can be inundated with time-consuming administrative tasks, often leaving little time to spiritually undergird their leaders. The IC4U vision and mission was seeded, conceptualized, and birthed to address stress challenges unique to those in ministry and support leadership positions.

Servant leaders are often expected to do a lot with very little spiritual and emotional support. The consequences of those expectations have proven [to be] devastating as indicated in the rise in clergy burnout and even suicide. For that reason, IC4U is a needed and timely endeavor. (Celeste C. Owens, Ph.D., author and co-Founder of Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries, LLC)

Available statistics further substantiate the necessity for the support services IC4U will provide to ministry populations. In 2010, the Evangelical Lutheran Church (US) reported that among clergy:

  • 69% battle obesity
  • 64% have hypertension
  • 13% are on antidepressants

In 2005, the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church, when compared to the 1970’s, reported a 400% increase for clergy leaving the ministry within the first five years. These statistics are indicative of the numerous adversities facing today’s leaders. Even faithful stewards are overburdened with stress-related leadership and family issues that tear at the moral fiber of Christian values.

Of course, every ministry may not experience these types of adversarial blocks. The majority of our leaders thrive; consistently exhibiting behaviors to bring about positive spiritual and social outcomes. However, there are core concerns common for all those serving in leadership and support capacities. We offer our services as supplements to support systems currently in place within organizations.

The goal of IC4U is to advance resolution of spiritual and life concerns through prayer, counseling, preventive maintenance, and after-care. Our team is dedicated to making services available such as:

  • On-site sessions tailored to individual leadership ministry requests
  • Stress management solutions
  • Online forums
  • Prayer
  • And additional resources.
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We strive to create secure environments to ensure participant anonymity and absolute confidentiality.

IC4U embraces the call to facilitate healthy balances in lieu of numerous life challenges facing those in leadership and support care. Our service goal is to provide additional tools and resources for leaders and those who serve; to withstand adversity, destroy strongholds, and promote victorious outcomes for their lives and relationships. (Lynne C. Parker, Founder and Vision Steward)

When you need to deactivate stress and recharge, when you need restoration and refuge, you need IC4U.

On-site seminars, workshops and prayer clinics are available. To learn more about IC4U, please visit our website, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @ICword4U. You may also email us at