Genesis 3D: Groundbreaking Movie about the Creation Features Cutting Edge Technology



You’ve read about the Creation, but have you seen it portrayed in 3D?

Creation Today and Seven Fold Ministries is set to bring Genesis 3D to the big screen. For the first time ever, this movie will portray the first book of the Bible, from Creation to the Fall of man, using stunning special effects and cutting-edge technology.

Biblically Accurate

While some films, such as Noah, take liberties in describing Biblical accounts, moviegoers can be confident that the Genesis movie is accurate. The entire film developed with director and producer, Ralph Strean is based on the latest scientific and historical research. A glance at the Genesis trailer reveals the powerful potential of this film to impact the lives of people for generations to come.

More Than Just Entertainment

The Genesis movie follows a string of inspirational movies in which Hollywood calls 2014 the “Year of the Bible.” The film, however, is more than just an entertainment source. It also seeks to answer questions about the beginning of time in an authentic, compelling, and visually appealing way.


Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today, and executive producer of the film says:

By mixing the visual beauty of the creation in 3D with the information to answer skeptical questions, undoubtedly audiences will leave with an incentive to accept the truth of the Bible…for those who are already believers, they will have their faith fortified and strengthened considerably. (

Funding Needed

Bringing Genesis 3D to theaters nationwide isn’t an easy task. According to the film’s promotional site, the project’s fundraising goal is $500,000. The funds will be used to complete animation and expand its theatre release. Supporters of the film will not only make history, but also increase evangelistic efforts for the Kingdom of God.

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Sharisse M. Alexander

Sharisse M. Alexander is an educator and author of In His Presence. A graduate of Hampton University, Hampton, VA, she also received her Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Wingate University, Charlotte, NC. Sharisse has worked in Christian ministry for several years and enjoys encouraging others in the Word of God.