What are You Wearing on Your Wedding Day?

What are You Wearing (Parker 6-20-14)

Lynne C. Parker

I had met my daughter’s husband only once before he asked, “I would like permission to date–no court–your daughter.” Court? I had never heard a person his age ask such a thing. I was waiting for the following line; this had to be good with that type of lead in. He continued and stated that he was not interested in dating her as a social activity but intended on making a marriage commitment. He sealed the conversation with one simple statement, “She is my queen.”

Take note of a man when he exhibits spiritual maturity and understanding. This is the type of man that will provide, cover, and protect. His priority is to ensure a life of peace and prosperity for his entire house.

I asked, “Are you going with a traditional or contemporary wedding?” I’m not saying my daughter had planned her wedding prior to the proposal although, it did seem she had given the matter a considerable amount of thought. Out of respect, I tried my best to stay out of her decision-making process. It worked for the most part. At other times, not so much!

When it was time to make a choice for the dress, there was a pause. I knew what she was thinking. I had designed wedding gowns for years and her expectation was that I would make hers as well. If she had opted to purchase one, I would not have been offended, it was her choice. However, I was thrilled when she asked because it meant she really wanted me to make her gown.

Custom Designed and Tailored to Fit No One Else but You

If you have ever worn anything custom-tailored, then you know the distinction of having a garment tailored specifically for you. When something is custom-designed, it is made according to your specifications or with bespoken fabric. When a garment has the additional advantage of being tailored to your frame, it is as if the fabric molds to you with a life of its own. Not even a high-end couture purchase trumps a custom design tailored just for you.

More Than a Gown

My sewing area was all set up. White sheets were laid out on the floor, beads were arranged, and all the lace was trimmed, ready to be applied. By this time, I was working on the bodice at a feverish pace with minuscule breaks. I realized that I had not eaten and was famished. Not wanting to take the time to stop and prepare something, I grabbed a snack. Sewing and smacking, I reached my hand in for a few more Lays. Then it happened.

Right in the middle of the pure white bodice was a greasy stain. There was no way to conceal my carelessness. Another one would have to be constructed to replace the one I ruined. Of all people, I should have known to keep clean hands while I was working. After all, I had prayed over her gown the entire time (except for the Lays incident).

This assignment wasn’t just a sewing project. It was an artistic expression of God’s glory through my hands. It was a divine appointment to consecrate my daughter’s bridal garment and speak over and into her life. When I finished, I anointed the inside hem with oil to symbolize her consecration unto God and prayed Proverbs 31 over it.

Yes, this was much more than a gown. It was an outward representation of what was in her heart and a sign of a life yielded life to God. It was a consecrated garment to be worn with humility and honor.

What Did You Wear on Your Wedding Day?

She wears the garments of strength and honor. (Proverbs 31:25)

When someone asks her, “What kind of gown did you wear on your wedding day?” She may describe the intricate hand-beading, the lace detail, the hand-crafted satin roses with rhinestone stems, or the elaborate train. Or, she may choose to let her spirit respond and say, “I wore a consecrated garment, custom designed for my purpose and destiny!”

Lynne C. Parker

Lynne is cognizant of God’s order for our lives to place Him first as we serve our families and communities. She travels extensively as consultant for new and existing ministries. As minister and facilitator, she passionately executes kingdom mandates with spirit-filled teaching, powerful conclusions and life-truths.

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