Charmaine & William: Vintage Chic


Their Story

Charmaine was ready for a change when she decided to pack up and move from her hometown in Georgia to Sacramento. She wanted to start a new life and on her second day of work, a co-worker named William walked past her desk and made his move. She couldn’t resist his charm and agreed to go on a date with him. After dating for only a few months, he told her that God confirmed that she was wife! William says,

When you find who you’ve been looking for all of your life, you don’t wait to make it official. I KNEW she was my wife, and I told her she was mine! I had dated other women and even though they may have [worked] for me, Charmaine was different than the rest.

Charmaine adds,

When I saw him walk by, I said to myself, “He’s so fine! Lord, send me someone like that!” Little did I know he was the man God had been preparing me for.

Within a few months, they were engaged and had set their wedding date. I was honored to be their planner!


A Moment to Remember

William made sure Charmaine had everything she wanted for their very intimate day. One of the most beautiful parts of the wedding was when William took the microphone just before Charmaine walked down the aisle. As she stood there waiting for her music to start, he looked at her and said,

I want you to know how much I love you and how I will do anything to make you happy. One wish that you asked for, I’m granting it for you today.

A calm came over the room and Charmaine burst into tears. William had surprised Charmaine by secretly flying in her father whom she had not seen in a long time. Charmaine prayed that he could make it, but nothing was working out. So she gave up on the idea and moved on. Deep inside, William knew she was sad about it so he stopped at nothing to get him there for the big day. Tears flowed from the family as they watched this beautiful father-daughter moment. Charmaine could hardly keep her composure! She realized that her dream of having her father walk her down the aisle was coming true! Her father grabbed her and they both sobbed. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.




Wedding Theme

We wanted simple elegance. The tables were adorned with details for our families and had custom-designed jars as well as wine bottles in our favorite colors! Everything from our cake display to the wine cellar dessert buffet was wooden and vintage.

Charmaine says,

Our menu consisted of wine tasting for our guests during the cocktail and served a plated Frasinetti house favorite. The food was unbelievably delicious, and everyone continued to compliment it!


In Love, In Style: Vintage Chic

William and Charmaine decided to have a small, intimate wedding because it was all about family. They didn’t feel it was necessary to spend tons of money on just one day. I made sure to arrange wardrobe, hair, makeup, and all styling for them so they could totally relax. They loved my DIY concepts and wanted to incorporate those ideas where it made sense. With a blush, gold, and ivory palette, they wanted simplicity and elegance sewn throughout the day. They were focused on an intimate, family setting that allowed their guests to feel close and connected throughout the day.

Charmaine wore a fitted mermaid Vince Camuto gown with beaded Arabian accessories. Her little sisters were her junior bridesmaids and they were styled in custom tutu skirts and matching head pieces. William’s groomsmen wore white Allure Slim tuxedos and gave the entire party a beautiful balanced look.

I felt like a true Princess from the moment I woke up that day! Everything was perfect and better than I imagined. (Charmaine)


Incorporating Faith

Charmaine and William incorporated a declaration sermon and three strand cord ceremony into their wedding. Guests witnessed the power and presence of God take over the room as they shared sacred vows and affirmations.

This was truly a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. I have never cried so much at an event, nor have I smiled so confidently! I know without a doubt that God has big plans for these two and I’m certain they will make a mark on the world for the Kingdom.

Love Note: Believe that God has a perfect plan for your life. Believe that He knows everything about your future. Understand that when its time, IT’S TIME! He has someone just for you and will make it known in its season. Love is beautiful, love is grand, and most of all, love is real.





In Love and Style,



Event Planning & Design: Melinda Watts, Latasha Haynes, Jacqueline Downing of Shower Me Chic

Venue: Frasinetti’s Winery, Sacramento, CA

Photography: Latasha Haynes, Isaiah Haynes of Ike and Tash Photography and Motion

All Flowers: Jacqueline Downing for Shower Me Chic

Invitations, Paper Details & Touches: Melinda Watts for Shower Me Chic

Dessert Bar: Jackie Downing for Shower Me Chic

Couture Cupcakes: Olga Villa

Brides Gown : Vince Camuto

Grooms Tuxedo: Allure

Theme: Vintage Decor, Simple Country Wedding Decor


Melinda Watts is Christian recording artist, author, and event stylist who is passionate about embracing the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. From weddings and showers to Saturday night soirees, this wife and mom of two finds joy in all things chic. Melinda she revels in the opportunity to bring the art of planning as a way to love others well!

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