Lies the Liberal Left Wants YOU to Believe, Part I



If you follow this column, my blog, or have read my eBook Godly Government, then you know I am no leftist. And while I may be a registered, voting Republican, I do NOT believe the conservative party to be the saviour of our nation. There is only one Saviour and His name is Jesus; I simply choose the lesser of two evils. If all this conservativeness irks you to high heaven, I encourage you to stay tuned and read about these seven lies the left wants you to believe. Research for yourself if what I say is true.

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Wikimedia Commons

LIE #1: All Republicans are Old, White, Straight, Christian Men

A couple years ago, two men came to my door during voting season on behalf of the Democratic party seeking my mother. They got me instead of her and asked if I’d be voting Democrat. I boldly let them know I am a registered Republican, you would have thought I told them I’d lost my leg to gangrene or that my hypothetical child was run over by a car!

“But you’re so, so…”

So what??

So black?

So young?

So female?

They never finished their statement, but they certainly left in a state of shock.

Why should I be able to look at a person and label them politically? A person is more than their appearance, whatever appearance that may be.

While the Republican party may have a particular stereotype, allow me to point out a “few” items:

  1. It was old, white, [presumably] straight, “Christian” men who formed the Democratic party for their slave-owning Confederacy which was–entirely against setting the slaves free.
  2. There are some notable, conservative, BLACK men such as Elbert Guillory, Herman Cain, Allen West, General Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, and my favourite, Dr. Ben Carson.
  3. Whether you like them or not, a few notable conservative WOMEN are Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and the actress, Stacey Dash.
  4. Guess what party the first coloured senator and representatives belonged to?? That’s right, the REPUBLICAN party. (See pictured above.)
  5. The Republicans asked African-American minister, Reverend Henry Garnet, to preach the first sermon in Congress in 1865 (Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White)
  6. And while as Christians we do not (or should not) support homosexuality, there is such a thing as a conservative homosexual.

Truth be told, black Americans have a further reaching, positive relationship with the Republican party than the liberal media would like you to believe.

LIE #2: If You Dislike President Obama/His Policies, You’re a Racist

This is one of the most baseless things I’ve heard in a long time. Sure, there are some racists out there only concerned with, “putting the white back in the White House,” but they are the minority. The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of reasons to not like the president or at least his policies. Two of which being his insistence on lying to the American public and degrading our nation’s reputation on an international level. But that has nothing to do with the POTUS’ colour; it has everything to do with his character and problematic administration.

If you insist on promoting, “affirming,” and legalizing ungodly legislation and ideals, people who actually believe what the Bible says are not going to like you regardless of colour. Period.

NOTE: Not liking the president is NOT an excuse to not pray for him. In fact, it’s much more of a reason to do so.


LIE #3: You are a Victim/Oppressed

The reality of many democratic programs is that a victim is needed in order for it to succeed. In order for the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare to succeed, you need a large group of people who can’t afford medical insurance to buy into it and thus, cause the middle and upper classes to pick up the slack by paying astronomical insurance costs.

Black people and other minorities “need” someone to “help” them by merely giving them government assistance instead of being taught how to be productive citizens with incentives won only by hard work.

Welfare rewards unwed mothers of children with absentee fathers.

The government rewards unwed mothers with college funds.

The prison system rewards inmates with free college degrees and medical care.

I am NOT saying that we shouldn’t look after the fatherless and single mothers. Neither am I saying that prisoners don’t deserve a chance to better themselves. What I AM saying is that these types of assistance should first and foremost be the job if the Church and also, healthy initiative should be rewarded. Not laziness, irresponsibility, and crimemongering. What kind of government rewards irresponsible citizens (and non-citizens) whilst overlooking its productive citizens?

If you give a man a fish, he will become dependent on you for his needs. Really, it’s the best plan since slavery to keep minorities under the thumb of the ruling class, whatever class that may be. We can’t legally enslave people, so we’ll mentally enslave them and, that way, perpetuate generational dominance.

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