How to Pray Power-Packed Prayers

The power of agreement is by far one of the most incredibly powerful prayer realities found in all of Scripture. Whether it be the spontaneous camaraderie of four Jewish lepers at a camp, or the shrewd collaboration of men at the Tower of Babel, when people come together as one, impossible things begin to happen! In Matthew 18, Jesus instructs His disciples concerning prayer He gives us a key to the importance of agreeing with other fervent believers.

If two of you agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 18:19 KJV)

This is a pretty incredible promise! The power of prayer is not released by its length or words, nor is it gained solely by the sincerity from which it is offered. The power is in the agreement.

Touching & Agreeing on Earth

The power is in the agreement.

Jesus gives two qualifications for this level of agreement in prayer. Firstly, the prayer has to be prayed on earth. Pretty simple. The second, however, is a little more abstract at first glance. “As touching…” If you’re like me, you’ve probably read over this and heard this phrase 101 times. But let’s take another look at it here.

“If two of you agree on earth as touching.”

Corporate Agreement & the Commanded Blessing


“As touching” here refers to a state of being. Jesus, being both a carpenter and the Chief Cornerstone that the builders rejected, now calls us His living stones. Built upon Him and fitly joined together by our Builder and Maker Who is God. In Jesus’ day, stones were a means of construction. These stones would be set in place and “fitly joined together” to make one solid structure. As we agree in prayer, we are adding to the corporate structure that God is building today.

As we agree in prayer, we are adding to the corporate structure that God is building today.

In the building process, these same stones would be hewn specifically so they might fit each other succinctly. In this same manner, Jesus is calling us to be joined to one another, closely knit one to another in prayer, where our agreement produces power when we pray. Should the Church discover this degree of corporate unity, a measure of unparalleled anointing second to none would be released in prayer. It will be like that of the precious oil that ran down Aaron’s beard in Psalms 133, where the commanded blessing began to make the impossible possible.

When the Church discovers this degree of corporate unity, a measure of unparalleled anointing second to none would be released in prayer.

The next time you pray for someone, take some time to hear their story. Be a responsive listener. Open your heart and release all judgments. As we knit ourselves together in love, share together in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings in His body–the Church, we will begin to release a prayer power that is dynamic in its working: effective, fervent prayers, that will avail much.

Do you have a testimony of what prayer agreement has produced in your life? If so, share it below!

Dexter Sullivan

Dexter Sullivan is a peculiar personality and an extraordinary individual. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Dexter moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2007 to pursue his post secondary education at Oral Roberts University, where he would later complete a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. In 2009, Dexter was elected Student Body President of Oral Roberts for two repeating terms, serving as the formal representative for the University’s 3,000 plus student constituency. The campus organization’s influence grew by leaps and bounds under the duration of his leadership. Dexter is the founder of two Non Profit Organizations, The Man to Man Project and Prayer Power Ministries. He also serves as the Director of the recently established Tulsa House of Prayer. Dexter travels, both nationally and internationally, sharing on principles of ethics, business, leadership, and spirituality. He enjoys running, reading, and making music in his spare time. Dexter currently resides

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