So Worldly


We’re not talking about backsliding here. This month, we’re exploring “Global Chic,” Summer’s hottest trend, fusing the fashions of the world into playful and eclectic, yet wearable fashion. From exotic tribal prints and ornate embroidery, to woven accents and exuberant pops of color, this look is all about unexpected twists. No, you don’t need a passport to participate in this globally inspired trend. For those who dare to take a walk on the wild side or may be unsure where exactly to wander, I have included a guide for creating a global chic ensemble all your own.

Keep it Simple

If you’re worried that this trend is too graphic or too much of a “look” for you, try this trend in smaller doses. Try adding a bold, printed scarf to a simple sweater or pair your favorite little black dress with a colorfully beaded, chunky statement necklace. The point is to introduce a layer of cultural interest to your ensemble.

Introduce a layer of cultural interest.



Push the Envelope

This is probably where I fall in the mix. I’m pretty middle of the road with this trend. I am a step or two beyond just the tribal scarf or ethnic print clutch as a solitary layer of global flair. I WILL totally work a full African print circle skirt (as pictured), in all its patterned glory. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t take this look to the next level by adding a headscarf. Pushing the envelope calls for vibrant prints paired with a basic or solid. Think a crisp white shirt with an all-over printed bottom or a black pencil skirt with an exotically textured top. More so playing with the opposite effect. Going there, but reeling it in a little.

Play with the opposite effect.

Have a Field Day

The great thing about this global chic trend is its versatility: you can mix almost any print to make a unique, bold statement. You Graphic All-Stars can experiment and break all the rules! Pair a print on print, contrasting or complementary at the same time to make a global chic statement that packs a serious punch. Also stripes, both vertical and horizontal, act as a neutral when mixing patterns. Become a cultural melting pot, giving international intrigue.

Experiment and break all the rules!


So get ready to march to an ethnic, tribal beat this Summer. I encourage you to have fun and to get in where you fit in with this trend. Create your own global chic look by adding (to taste) textures, whimsical prints, and tribal influence for a stylish, globe-trotting image.


Rochelle Johnson is a mid 20-something Los Angeles native living and working in Little Rock, AR. Graduating with a business degree from Oral Roberts Univ. in 2008, Rochelle now works side-by-side with her husband and his ministry family. Through the power of social media, Rochelle has become one of the leading ladies in the plus-size body-positive/fatshionista movement. Rochelle launched her plus-size style blog ( in January 2013; where her personal fashion adventures are documented for everyone (especially women sizes 14 and up) to see and draw inspiration from. The recent recipient of Pastor Bridget Hilliard’s 2014 Winning Winning Woman Award prides herself in promoting fashion for all sizes. She believes as a plus-size woman you don\\\’t have to be condemned to a lifetime of oversized clothes or a wardrobe of black. With an exquisite eye for fashion and a revolutionary body-positive message, Rochelle is fashion blogging her way to the top. Be sure to follow Rochelle on Instagram at @Iambeauticurve.

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