Is Your Faith a “False-Positive”?

Focusing on someone else’s flaws is always easier than admitting our own, right? So, let’s talk about Peter. Peter was bold, passionate, and often spoke beyond what he was capable of or prepared to conquer. When faith required an accompanying action to match the loftiness of his affirmation; he still didn’t get it. On one such occasion, he was called out on his faith when he began to walk on the water to meet Jesus. He would soon discover he tested false-positive  for his faith.

I’ve Got Faith, I Think

During a storm on the sea, the disciples were alone, attempting to control the ship against the strong winds. When they were about three miles out, they saw Jesus walking on the water. Even though they witnessed Jesus performing miracles, they did not believe it was Him. Peter wanted proof and challenged Jesus with, “If it’s you, I’ll be able walk on water too.”

Great faith comes with great displays of faith.

Peter knew that great faith comes with great displays of faith. However, these types of show-off antics can produce disastrous results if you are not up to the task. He almost makes it to where Jesus is until his confidence deficit causes him to sink. Less than a foot away, Peter calls to the Master. Jesus stretches forth His hand to save him. At times, we too can lose focus when we are a hand’s-breadth away from victory. Peter had the right idea; he just wasn’t ready to get out of the boat.

Maybe Peter wasn’t the only believer with a False-Positive Faith Test.

A believer’s Faith Test can have one of four outcomes:

  1. True Negative Test Results: It’s not that you don’t have any faith, just not enough to register as a formidable presence.

  1. False-Positive Test Results: You thought you had it; however, when tested, you were unable to victoriously overcome your trial.

  1. False-Negative Test Results: Even though the enemy attempts to convince you otherwise, you have faith. Don’t let your circumstances discourage you. Your faith only lacks an action to accompany your affirmation.

  1. True Positive Test Results: You have a believer’s faith, sourced in the faithfulness of God. You speak and operate with an expectation evidenced by manifested proof. You intentionally resist the inclination to work things out on your own. Your inexplicable reasoning to trust Him is the fuel needed for positive results. Distance yourself from time-driven expectations and visualize your future. It may get a little shaky but, stand firm. If you do, you will be “Faith-Tested and Approved.”

You may find yourself in one or all these categories during your Christ-walk.  However, true positive faith will allow you to withstand any storm in your life.

Living by His faith

We were never meant to be a walking contradiction of terms. It is impossible for faith and fear to occupy the same space at the same time. When you are on the water in the midst of your storm remember, bravery to believe dissipates fear. In God’s reply to Habakkuk, he encourages us to remain steadfast with this, “The believer lives by the faith of God.”

This Believer’s Faith

One of the titles I wrote for this piece was, “My Faith Tested False-Positive.” I knew the Lord wanted me to own it and be willing to share my shortcomings for my failed faith experiences. Releasing my dreams into the atmosphere and neglecting to call those words back in faith give me a false-positive. I walk and sink as Peter did when I think about the boisterous winds of my storm.Worse yet, I don’t even try to reach Jesus’ outstretched hand.

My false-positive faith allows me talk a good game. It also invites me to reside in fear instead of rising to the occasion. I have made a decision not to remain in false faith. The way to achieve my goal is simple; I must see myself as God sees me and believe it. If you see yourself in any of this, join me in practicing to form a habit to create a lifestyle of true positive faith.

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