Real Talk with DiShan Washington, Cast Member of Preachers’ Exes

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In the blitz of new blazing reality shows that involve the exes of some of the World’s most notable celebrities shines a group of women who possess a common denominator: being married to a pastor who may or may not have lived up at one point of their tenure, to the standard of a true Christian pastor.

Reality shows capture the humanity of our lives, the good, the bad, and yes the downright ugly. In this season, the Preachers’ Exes show emerges as a show that will tear down the decorative cloth wall that veils the sacred halls of our churches and exposes the madness in a whole new fashion. In this article, Gospel Today shares with an original cast member, Ms. Dishan Winters, author of Diary of a Mad First Lady and former first lady and co-pastor of an 800+ member church in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. Listen in as she shares about her role on the new show and her present “after-life” of being married to a Pastor.

GT: Please tell us, who is Ms. Winters?

DW: Ms. Winters is a survivor. Having been through some turbulent times, I am proud to say that I am a woman of God, mother of two, proud daughter, sister, and friend.

GT: What is your testimony?

DW: I got married at the age of 16 to a minister who became a pastor a year later, making me a first lady at the age of 17. This was indeed an incredible feat, but through the grace of God I was able to serve in that role until the age of 31, when I got a divorce. Immediately after my husband left, I went from a life of luxury to soon after being homeless, days without food, months with no transportation, and was without consistent income because up until that point I had been doing full time ministry for six years. But, God has been faithful to take care of me and my daughters and I am presently running and operating about five different entities of my company, Pure Enterprises.

GT: What is the premise for the new show Preachers’ Exes?

DW: When I was approached by the Executive Producer, Cheron Griffin, about doing the show Preachers’ Exes, I was told that it was a show with a goal of empowering other women to tell their story of brokenness and redemption.

GT: What is the premise for the new show Preachers’ Exes?

DW: Each of the ladies who are currently cast for the show are very unique. I think we all have thus far portrayed ourselves in our own way. I think viewers will be surprised at the transparency. I believe it will uplift the Kingdom because they will see us on our journey to healing and prayerfully point others in the same direction which ultimately enables us to be better Christians.



GT: What do you believe viewers are seeking when they view this show?

DW: I think based on the sizzle that is currently floating around on the Internet, viewers will be expecting drama. I think they will be seeking to get the good, juicy gossip, and dirt on the pastors we were married to.

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GT: How are you coping with the after life of being a preacher’s ex?

DW: Honestly, I am just arriving at my destination of healing. It took a very long time for me to accept that my marriage was over. I refused to believe that God had joined me with a man (and I know He did) only for it to end some almost two decades later. It was a difficult transition because I was a third generation pastor’s wife and it was all I really knew. I didn’t know what to do with myself that first Sunday afterwards. Ministry was my life. I lived it. I breathed it. I loved it. I never thought I would be able to move on, but I have finally found a way to do that and I am enjoying my new life.

GT: What do you plan to do with your unique testimony and life experiences?

DW: I plan to continue to empower women and men alike. I have been using my platforms and opportunities to tell my story of survival in hopes of encouraging others to continue pressing. My story is very deep and the average person would have probably tried to take their life by now. Matter of fact, I attempted suicide twice and thought about it more times than I can count. So I hope by telling my story [that] I will save a life. Not just from a physical death, but from a spiritual, emotional, and mental death. For there are too many dead people walking around.

GT: When will the viewers be able to see the first episode of Preachers’ Exes?

DW: We are not at liberty as of yet to share the air date for the show or anything related to it.

GT: Tell us a little sneak peak preview about the show and what can we expect to see?

DW: I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised with what we have filmed. It’s not your typical reality show. No one is throwing glasses, slinging curse words around (contrary to the intro of the sizzle), and we are not all a bunch of bitter women. We are making moves in our [respective] fields and I think when viewers get a glimpse of our “after life” they will respect us the more.

GT: How can our readers reach out to you and your ministry to share their stories? And to purchase your best selling book Diary of a Mad First Lady?

DW: People can keep in touch with me via my website, via Twitter @iamDiShan, or via Facebook. Thank you again for this opportunity to share with Gospel Today and its readers. Blessings abundantly!

GT: Thank you Ms. Winters. We look forward to watching you on Preachers’ Exes and reading your books.


Kimberley N. Yancy is an educator, CEO, motivational speaker, author, wife, and mother of 4 children. She often writes under the pseudonym “Mikasenoja.” She is also the Director of Ministries at New Vision Church in Dickinson, TX (a suburb of Houston).