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Out with the old. In with the new. As we christen the New Year, multitudes stand with tip toe anticipation to start afresh and anew. Although well-intentioned resolutions are declared by many, statistics show that few resolve to make necessary and consistent adjustments to achieve desired goals. According to StatisticBrain.com, a mere 8% are successful in achieving their resolution. So why the vast disparity?

We’ve asked one of the nation’s leading experts on the art of maximizing potential, Reinvention Strategist, Marshawn Evans Founder of ME Unlimited®, a corporate life-enrichment consulting firm focusing on reinvention, diversity, innovative leadership and peak performance strategies. Marshawn provides a path to convert New Year resolutions into immediate action and sustaining results offering pragmatic strategies on issues that often plaque the progress of believers such as mentality paralysis, self-identity crisis, fear factor, and proper planning and execution. It is critical today for the believer to move beyond “naming and claiming” and start “working and executing.”



GT: Why is there an alarming irony between what we profess and what we produce with our gifts, talents, and abilities?

ME: People love to feel inspired and motivated and are accustomed to that but tend to reject or neglect the next step, which is implementation. In other words, we readily embrace inspiration but have no strategy on how to implement afterwards. Disappointedly, some leaders in the Body have found that’s it’s easier to inspire than to mobilize and move people to action.

Our addiction to inspiration and entertainment has created a lack of substance in developing the necessary skills to act on and implement our ideas, visions and aspirations to make a global impact in the world.

I teach in the business world using faith-based principles and ironically, business leaders enthusiastically receive knowledge but immediately act on what they believe. We (believers) are not becoming trained producers. There’s a lot of work to do in the Body and leaders must be opened to equip individuals with the relevant skills to go along with the inspiration they’re receiving from Sunday to Sunday. Otherwise, it is irresponsible in some greater sense to preach about reaching destiny without providing a roadmap on how to get there.



GT: Fear is a guised force that neutralizes progress. How can the believer confront and overcome “fear” and move to discovering and using their gifts of service (in the church and in the marketplace)?

ME: Without (the presence of) fear, there would be no need for faith!

But first, we must have a proper understanding of who we are in Him. The Bible declares that “greater is He that’s within us than He that’s in the world.” Knowing our God-given identity will validate that we’re designed to be over comers. Fear is an enemy that we’re supposed to tackle yet we recoil and run the other way. God never intended for us to shroud because we’re afraid.

Faith uses fear for its ultimate benefit. It’s like a gym weight, without the exercise of it, there’s nothing to resist or overcome. It’s necessary for our strengthening and conditioning so we have to elevate our understanding—God never promised an easy life but a victorious one.

When we press pass fear, we advance to the next level. The proper perspective and approach is when we run toward fear, it runs away from us because it automatically cowers when confronted just as an intimidating bully having more bark than bite!



GT: Share on mindset transformation and its importance to goal achievement and reinvention.

ME: Romans 12:2 charges us to “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Reinvention is really about reshaping the way that we think in order to reinvent the way we operate. If we focus more on how we operate verses how we think, real results are rarely realized. Success in business, life and the abundance is all about mindset.

For instance, there’s a parallel between the amount of money we have verses the amount of confidence we have. We cannot attract something that we don’t think we’re worth. A mindset shift had to occur in understanding balanced self-worth and experienced wealth.

Christ’s entire mission was to change people’s mindset. He dispelled broken thought patterns and gave permission for us to have an abundant, healthy, joy-filled and thriving life. John 10:10 confirms He came that we might have life more abundantly or “a full and satisfying life.”

We should enjoy life, overcome adversity and love what we’re called and purposed to do. When there’s something that’s broken in our lives, it usually attributes to poor thought patterns that produce poor outcomes.



GT: Provide our readership with a few simple strategies or tips for reinvention in today’s economy.

ME: There is no recession in heaven therefore we can choose not to participate in the so-called recession on earth.

Many haven’t yet understood or accepted what has taking place and are still trying to do “old things” in a new economy and getting results that aren’t favorable.

  1. Understand where you are. An economic shift has taken place in the midst of a global information economy.
  2. Guard your gates. Everything you see and hear is not doom and gloom despite what the media reports. Some media sources are designed to incite fear, worry, anxiety and doubt. It’s amazing what you see when you choose not what to look at. There be a steadfast guardian of what your eyes see and what your ears hear.
  3. Recognize what you have. Before you can change your outer world, you must change your inner world. Unleash your inner economy by taking an inventory of your T.A.G.S. –Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and Skills and showcase their value to the world so you can receive an exchange of value which is called monetizing.


Today, the real opportunity is about OWNERSHIP. Own your future, own your ideas, own your checkbook and pay increases. Own your brand and create your own legacy. That is true freedom from recession.

As you reinvent, get in position of comprehensive ownership in order to have freedom of abundance—it’s extremely difficult for a traditional job to provide that. Own your own work verses working for someone else for a lifetime.

The Proverbs 31 Woman understood what her gifts were and what was available to her. Her wisdom stemmed from fully maximizing what she had. Oftentimes we’re told what we’re not until we buy the notion that “we don’t have enough.”

Reinvention is about starting where we are and using what we have knowing that what we already have is enough. Remember that our identity is tied to His divinity. He knows how we’re created so we must see ourselves as He sees us. Otherwise, we won’t ever possess the proper mindset to ever start or finish anything.

Matthew 25:29 NLT emphasizes that if we use what we have, more will be given (or entrusted) to us. If we choose not to, then what we think we have will be taken away. There is a consequence for not using what we have.



GT: How do we transport believers from just “shouting, dancing and praying about it” to responding practically to achieve tangible results?

ME: As born-again believers, we are to be examples of both “salt” and “light.” Salt does not only add flavor but exists to make one thirst! The reason salt is added to most foods is that it creates a craving for more. When we lose our saltiness – we lose the influence for others to crave what God has placed inside of us.

This new level of transformational leadership requires the believer to not use the cloak of Christianity as an exception or excuse to action and responsibility.

Using nebulous language like “I don’t have to do anything because Jesus paid it all” misrepresents our walk of faith. James reminds us that “faith without works is dead.” This type of lazy language waters down who we are as Christians and make those in and outside of the Church not want what we have. Faith will always require corresponding action; otherwise our professed faith is not faith at all.

In Matthew 6, we’re instructed to ask and we shall receive—and we ask, ask, and ask. Beggars ask for the sake of asking but builders ask to serve a higher purpose. Obverse the shift in mindset. Builders ask for the resources they need to build (to produce something). In 2013, God is looking for moving vessels He can pour His provision into to fulfill purpose. If we’re not moving or doing something, then there’s nothing for Him to do.



GT: What are some available resources to help the GT family reinvent in 2013?

ME: For those who are resolute and serious about taking a personal journey in the revolution to reinvention: www.MEUniversity.com – overlaid with Biblical truth to bridge the gulf between the spiritual and the practical across varying arenas.

This article was originally printed in our Spring 2013 digital issue.

Roz A. Gee

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