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I had no idea what I was in for when I picked up Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life. The sophomore book project of Sarah Jakes, the younger daughter of Bishop T.D. and First Lady Serita Jakes, this tasteful tell-all is not an airing of dirty laundry so popular in a day of social media call-outs, social media blasts, and general overexposure, but rather a true tale of woe and recovery thanks to the ever-astounding grace of God.

Lost and Found is laced with detours and rest stops which provide the reader with several life lessons that Sarah learned along the way and happily as well as heavily shares with the reader.

Women of all sorts, stations, and ages will be able to connect to this story. Whether teen mom or struggling single mother, women in troubled marriages or ladies in the public eye, as well as that girl who just doesn’t seem to fit in will all be able to benefit from Lost and Found.

There were moments in reading Lost and Found that I was heart-warmingly happy, jaw-droppingly shocked, confused, saddened, angered, and a maze of other emotions. In short, I was able to feel what Sarah felt as she wrote the book. There were several situations Sarah shared that I could relate to and and I think the story of Lost and Found is universally relatable.

In reading Lost and Found, you begin to understand we are never meant to fit in. Despite the pressures from peers and society in general, none of us are meant to fit it. God has created each of us with divine purpose in mind and if we take enough detours from the expected highway(s) of life, then we are sure to “stumble” upon God’s divine purpose for our lives.

Lost and Found was released April 1st, 2014. Order your copy today!

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