The Single Woman: Saved, Single & Sassy

If you are not already acquainted with the lovable, adorable, Single Woman a.k.a. Mandy Hale, you’re about to be! Take a moment to read about her, her message, her books, and her tour! Enjoy!

GT: So Mandy, tell us a little about yourself!

TSW: Well, I am single, of course. I live just outside Nashville. I have a blog and a book and I love God. I’m very close to my family, a total bookworm, and I love spreading positivity and light. That about sums it up!

GT: Okay, so let’s talk about The Single Woman. What inspired that name?

TSW: Well when I started to do the blog a little over four years ago, it was on the other side of a really unhealthy relationship I’d just ended. And I was in a really new place, looking at a blank page in my life, and just feeling really positive about being single and looking around for other people who felt the same way, but there wasn’t really anybody to be found. So I thought, “Well, there’s not a lot of positive messaging out there for single women, so maybe I’ll become the positive messenger for single women.” So I started the blog. I didn’t really know what to do with it, just knew I wanted to share my story and and encourage women who were in similar places in their life as me. Then a month later, I started the Twitter Page.

As for the name itself, I decided that I wanted to be @TheSingleLady because that was sort of the heyday of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” song , but the name was already taken so I tried @TheSingleWoman and it was shockingly available. The rest is history.

GT: Wonderful. Now let’s talk about your book, The Single Woman!

TSW: It was my first book, out in August, and is a broad overview of single life: friendships, dreams, faith, loving yourself, career, being the best person you can be, paying it forward…any areas in your life that I felt women needed encouragement in. It’s like my first baby, very special to me, and has done amazingly well.

On Amazon, it has almost 400 5-star reviews and that’s huge. I think that women have been looking for that type of messaging for a really long time because if you go in the bookstores, you don’t see any books about how to live an empowering, inspired, hopeful, single life. And I think that’s why women have responded to it so well, because it’s sort of groundbreaking in that it’s not all about getting a man, taking a man, tricking a man, or any of the craziness that’s out there. It’s just about focusing on the best woman you can be and when you do that, you attract the best possible mate and things in life.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

GT: Definitely! Now you have another book coming out soon! How is it similar to and different from The Single Woman?

TSW: I am SO excited about this book! I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has: Mishaps & Miracles on the Road to Happily Ever After is out on March 11th. You’ll see similarities between Book 1 and Book 2, because it’s my voice. However, it’s much more personal and talks about my journey as a single woman starting at age 18, some of the funny dating experiences I’ve had, some of the careers out of college, and how I became–and am becoming–the woman I was meant to be. And what’s cool about it is that I feel like women are really going to see themselves in the story.

There are always women like, “Oh my gosh that happened to me too!” I feel like women are going to find a lot of “me too moments” within the journey. And it’s really all about rewriting happily ever after and realising that it’s not a destination or something a long way off into the future. It’s happening right now.

You’ve ready Book 1 and heard the lessons, the advice, and the different things I’ve shared. But now, you’re going to go behind the scenes and see what created the person I am today. It’s gonna be great!

And it’s also based on the fact that, yes, my luggage has been to Vegas, but I have not. And that’s actually a perfect segue into the tour that I’m doing!




GT: Okay, tell us about your tour!

TSW: It’s called the “Sass, Class & Compassion Tour” and the plan is that the grand finale will be in Las Vegas! So for the first time in my life, I will actually be there and this time, hopefully my luggage will too.

It’s been such a cool journey of faith. Before the beginning of the New Year, I decided that my one goal for the New Year would be to, “Seek, pursue, and fall in love with Jesus with radical abandon.” And that has really been my focus.

God’s been challenging me to step up saying, “I want you to get uncomfortable this year. You worship comfort too much.” So I woke up one morning and I just had “RV” on my spirit. And I was like, “RV? Recreational Vehicle?” The book comes out on March 11th and there were places I needed to be across the country and I’d really gotten out there and met the bulk of the women who follow my message.

So I reached out to my friend Jamie Jamgochian. We have very similar messages so I was like, “What if we get an RV, travel the country, do some book signing, talk to women…” and she was like, “I think you’re crazy!” But we both prayed about it, then we came together, and started brainstorming. And within a couple of weeks, God connected us with a wonderful woman who has offered us her RV to travel in. And we’ve got other needs like RV fuel met too. God is just blowing open doors!

We envision it as a two-hour girls’ night in/day out where we’re partnering with churches and campuses to host the event. Jamie’s gonna be doing music and we’ll both be sharing encouraging messages, doing Q&As, some fun giveaways, and just really creating an oasis.

So it’ll be March 11th through April 4th or 5th. We’re so excited!

GT: Wow, that’s phenomenal! Now tell us what are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced as a single woman in this day and age?

TSW: I know this makes me a weirdo, but I am content in my singleness. I know there aren’t a lot of women like that and I get it. And there are definitely days when I feel beat up by the world and I feel like it would REALLY be nice to have somebody have my back in that moment, to have the covering and security of a partner on this journey with me. But I think it’s in those moments that God always says to me, “If you had that person right now, you would depend on them instead of Me. And right now I need you to depend on Me.”

Part of my message is: “It’s in our loneliest times that God speaks the loudest” and I believe that’s true. I’d encourage any woman who’s struggling with the feeling of loneliness to surrender it all to Him because He is truly the Lover of Your Soul. He wants to just spend time with you. And the precious thing about being single is that you have the time to do that, so don’t ever take it for granted.



GT: I love it! Now what advice do you have for other women who are single and trying to stay saved.

TSW: Well. it’s a tricky thing because a lot of things come into play when you’re dating. Of course, the whole sex issue comes up and that’s something I feel a lot of Christians are afraid to get real about sometimes. It’s a struggle. But again, it all comes back to that intimacy with God, making sure you’re putting Him first above all else, because if you’re not, you’re gonna stumble.

I think that sometimes we’re afraid to get real with Him. But here’s the thing: God already knows what you’re thinking and struggling with anyway. And that’s the beautiful thing about Jesus.

The Bible tells us He was tempted. And He was a single man! That’s so precious for single people to remember! My Saviour was single. He dealt with very human issues and was tempted by the devil. But He tells us that He will never [allow] a temptation stronger that we can bear. So in those moments of weakness or feeling like you’re gonna be single forever, just surrender all those things to God.

I pray these prayers when I enter into any new relationship is 1) God please guard my heart, 2) please show me if there’s anything about this person that I need to see, and 3) please remove them from my life quickly if they are not part of Your plan for me. And He has honoured that everytime, without fail.

If you’re willing to surrender it to God and take your hands off it, He will not abandon you in that moment. I know because He’s done it for me.

GT: I absolutely concur. Now, we’ve spent all this time talking about single women and our issues and our potential and things of that nature. But how do you feel married women can benefit from your message.

TSW: Ultimately the heart of my message is all about not settling and living your biggest, boldest, bravest life. And we’re all sort of in the same boat because regardless of whether we’re believing for a husband, a job promotion, or having a child, we’re not that different. We’re all believing, hoping, living, trusting, trying, crying, failing, and winning. When you get down to the heart of it, we all want to live the life we know we were called to live.

Everyone’s able to relate to the message in a different way and that’s something that’s such a blessing and a testament to God’s hands being all over it. Because the fact that it has transcended culture, marital status, race, sex, and all the different areas that normally divide us, has created this commonality of trusting God, being hopeful, and choosing to be positive no matter what happens. Loving yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone–all these different areas that I speak into are for men and married women as well.




GT: Wonderful. Well I’m going to ask you just one more question and that is for some advice to all the single women for Valentine’s Day.

TSW: Ah! First I would say, please go to and check out my “14 Reasons to Celebrate Your Singleness This Valentine’s Day” because again, it’s not an equal-opportunity holiday unfortunately, and we’re besieged by the Facebook messages of “Oh my wonderful husband ordered me seven dozen roses!” And it’s literally everywhere. But it is just another day and the special thing is that it is a holiday of love and there are so many other kinds of love then just romantic love. So I would encourage women to look at it as an opportunity to first, be kind to themselves and do something special for themselves. And then, of course, pay it forward.

Look around at your life at your friends, parents, and children if you’re a single mom or dad. Look at this as a chance to love on them and do something kind for them. Don’t overlook the love that you have by obsessing and stressing over the love that you don’t.

Also, I’m gonna do a Ustream. I’m still working out the details, but I’m probably gonna read the first chapter of the new book, do a fun Q & A, or just chat about whatever. So stay tuned to my Twitter and Facebook where I’ll be announcing it. But I’m thinking about 6 or 7pm, I’ll take an hour and read some from the new book. It’s a funny chapter, so they’ll definitely get some giggles out of it. I’ll just spend some time chatting with my single ladies on Valentine’s Day.

But make it a great day. Determine to wake up on Valentine’s Day with a smile on your face, go through the day loving on anyone who crosses your path, and I guarantee that when you do, it will be impossible to be in a bad mood.

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By the way, if you know of a large church or college campus in NYC or LA that would like to host a leg of the Sass, Class & Compassion Tour, email Mandy today at!

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