Will Satan Be Enthroned in Oklahoma??

Image courtesy of The Satanic Temple

Image courtesy of The Satanic Temple

The Church of Satan has recently unveiled a rendering of a sinister statue of their Lord and anti-Saviour in the form of Baphomet to be displayed permanently on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. That is, if they get their way.

The statue is set to be 7 feet high featuring the Father of Lies seated on his throne with a pentagram shining over him as the sun, while he sits in a form that resembles the Pan or a Krampus, rather than a red fiend with a pitchfork. This Baphomet is a diabolical goat-man with wings while beside him stand a boy and a girl looking to him as if a father.

But this is a statue with a purpose.

The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation. (Lucien Greaves)

The total cost of the monument is $20,000 and they are half the way there.

Eric Gay/AP/File

Eric Gay/AP/File

Blame It on the Bible-Thumpers

A privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments befitting this buckle of the Bible-belt, is–to some–to blame for his new statue.

Lawmakers should know by now that erecting a Ten Commandments monument in front of a government building makes for a long legal fight. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

The Radical Left doesn’t want to see the Ten Commandments anywhere, much less in a public place such as in our courthouses or schools. So they file lawsuits against it like the American Civil Liberties Union Oklahoma Chapter did in 2012 against the Mosaic monument on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds.

They haven’t succeeded yet and in Oklahoma, they’re not likely to. But they won’t stop there.

Image courtesy of The Satanic Temple

Image courtesy of The Satanic Temple

A Diabolical Plot

It should be noted that Oklahomans did not even propose the Satanic statue. A New York branch of Satanists is actually heading up the project.

[It] has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond. (Greaves)

These Satanists would happily see Baphomet enthroned beside the Ten Commandments. Yet Oklahoma has much to risk if this effort succeeds.

Oklahoma City is the seat of the entire state. A seat is “a place from which authority is exercised” (Merriam-Webster). Just as London is the seat of the British Empire and Washington D.C. is the seat of our great nation, so Oklahoma City is the seat of Oklahoma. And what is enthroned in the seat of a region declares what is legal–both naturally and spiritually–in that region.

Though has a tragic past, it has a lot going for it at present, specifically in OKC. Whenever you look at a list of the top ten places to live in the U.S., Oklahoma City is right there. The economy has remained virtually untouched by the nation’s recession and the growth of certain places like Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK is undeniable. OKC is the place to live and thrive spiritually and professionally. And it is not by mistake.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America

One of Two Endings

Oklahoma City is a modern-day Goshen and I believe it is because of the remnant of God’s people there. They maintain their Christian values as a whole and because of it, command the blessing of God. But allow this graven image place at the capitol and danger is imminent. I see one of two end results.

First, Baphomet gets a new throne and the red carpet of the state is laid out for him. He becomes a legalised principality, both in the natural and the spirit, and his false wisdom will be the Judas Goat of the state.

Second, Baphomet gains his seat beside the Ten Commandments and for a time, all will seem fine. But we’ll see a replay of the Ark of the Covenant vs. the Philistine god, Dagon. One day visitors will see Baphomet fallen on his face before God’s Law. Somewhat damaged, they put him back up. The next day, there he is again, bowing and even more so damaged. Yet they sit him upright again. But on the next day, the will find him, so smashed and so fallen before our God that he cannot be repaired and it will be none but the Finger of God Who did this.

I don’t know what the end result will be, but I can assure you that our prayers will be the deciding factor.

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