Gospel Today presents “This Week” – Bishop Joseph Walker’s SHIFT, Christians & Entertainment

Gospel Today presents “This Week” explores the topics, people and issues impacting our world from the perspective of faith to answer the question, “How can we live out the Gospel today?”

This week, the panel discusses “Madiba’s” Legacy — lessons learned from the life of Nelson Mandela. Reactions to the response South Africans and the world had to his passing.

We also give a shout-out to recent nominees including congrats & critique from the 2013 Golden Globe nominees (Was Lee Daniels’ The Butler snubbed?) and we look at the 2013 GRAMMY Gospel categories including our picks for Gospel album of the year. The panel also chats about “Erica’s Little White Dress” – was MaryMary’s Erica Campbell doing too much with the wrap white dress?

Our first full-on discussion of the show explores the boundaries of entertainment.
Is the craze over Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal and Beyonce’s new album and current world tour ok for Christians or are we in danger of “ruining” our spiritual appetite? When it comes to entertainment, should Christians have different goals? Should it matter? Why or why not?

Finally, we engage in a heated discussion of Bishop Joseph Walker’s All-Male “Shift” event. Did Bishop Walker make a mistake by moving forward with his landmark meeting of the minds in the absence of women? Is it pretentious to think that a group of men can set an agenda for thousands? What do you think of the 5 tenets of the platform as presented by Walker?

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