Gospel Today presents “This Week” – TBN Founder Dies, Black Nativity movie, Preachers of LA Finale

Gospel Today presents “This Week” explores the topics, people and issues impacting our world from the perspective of faith to answer the question, “How can we live out the Gospel today?”

This week, the panel discusses the death of TBN founder, Paul Crouch and ventures a guess at what the legacy of Paul Crouch and TBN will be. We also look at how we can learn from his example to reach our generation.

Following World AIDS Day, “This Week” explores the peculiar opportunity that AIDS presents for Christians to love those whom society has ostracized.

In response to the film Black Nativity, the panel talks about whether cultural expressions of Christmas are helpful or harmful.

The season finale of Oxygen’s reality show, “Preachers of LA” has come and gone. We reflect on the themes of the show and the impact it had on Americans views about Christian preachers.

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