Gospel Today presents “This Week” – Pastoral Excess? Pastoral Suicide; God’s Sovereignty in Tragedy

Gospel Today presents “This Week” explores the topics, people and issues impacting our world from the perspective of faith to answer the question, “How can we live out the Gospel today?”

This week, the panel discusses the controversy around Pastor Steven Furtick’s $1.7 million home in Charlotte. Is it the latest example of pastoral excess? Is there anything wrong with a Christian or a pastor having nice things?

We also delve into a great discussion around the practical implications of the sovereignty of God in light of the massive loss of life experienced by those in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.

We also consider the topic of pastoral stress in light of the tragic circumstances surrounding the suicide death of Pastor Teddy Parker or Macon, Ga. Could a different form of church government help alleviate the stress many pastors bear? How can we be sensitive to those around us? How can we avoid being overcome by stress ourselves?

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