GT EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Who Apologized to Destiny’s Child Reflects on Controversial Video

In a recent worship service, Los Angeles pastor, Toure Roberts of One Church International called Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame to the stage. In a 14 minute video that was being streamed online, he apologized to Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce on behalf of the Church. You can here his original apology here ( In a second video, Pastor Toure addressed the controversy with his own congregation and provided additional context for the original video (

Recently, he joined the hosts of “Gospel Today presents This Week” for an enlightening chat on “the apology.” Before you speak out on the headline, hear his heart on it then join in on the discussion as we explore these key issues:

• What does it mean for Christians to “bless and do not curse.” Is this the key to change?
• What is the divide between sacred and secular?
• Can a Christian be “called to the world”? What would that look like?
• What is the nature of love? Is love always flattering and encouraging? When does love correct?
• What is the impact of technology and media on the 21st century church. Has this become the the soundbyte era of ministry?
• What has been the fallout, the feedback and the fruit from Pastor Toure’s apology?
• What is the big idea of Pastor Toure’s latest book, Purpose Awakening?

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