Hopemob’s Shaun King Shares His Defining Moment

We talk alot about being “marketplace ministries,” but secretly, most of us think the “holiest” job of all would be serving as a local pastor. Well, let Shaun King serve as Exhibit A that your greatest impact might be made once you leave the four walls of the church and start serving the world with your gifts and passion.

King has been profiled on major news outlets across America for his work as founder of HopeMob, a revolutionary crowdfunding site that has raised more than $5,000,000 for humanitarian causes around the world. Shaun recently won the Mashable Award for the Most Creative Social Good Campaign in the world. Read about what Shaun’s been doing then check it out for yourself: www.hopemob.org

These interview snippets are part of a larger interview! Check it out here: www.digital.gospeltoday.com

GT: How does your relationship with God influence your professional life?

SK: My relationship with God influences almost every area of my professional life. Even though HopeMob or Upfront, the two companies that I lead, are not ministries, I am always asking myself how the decisions that we make honor God and scripture. I also try to lead and work with my colleagues out of place of compassion that comes out of my personal walk with God. At the end of every day, I ask myself “how did what we did today honor God?”.

GT: Best piece of advice for overcoming adversity?

SK: People forget how resilient they truly are. I find that in adversity, people get a degree of amnesia – forgetting that they’ve already overcome insurmountable obstacles throughout their lives. When I am facing down a giant, I try to always take a moment to think about the giants that I’ve already conquered.

GT: What single defining moment brought you into doing what you do now?

SK: In November of 2003 I was in a brutal car accident.  If you google the words “Shaun King car accident miracle” you can see all about it.  I should have died.  I went through the windshield and had over 400 stitches on my face.  It was a pivotal moment for me in which I felt like I couldn’t waste any more time.  After that, I have worked hard to squeeze value out of every moment of every day.