Joshua Dubois steps down as President Obama’s Director of Faith-Based Partnerships

Besides Michelle Obama, there has been another person who has been there to encourage President Obama since the beginning of his presidency in 2009: Joshua Dubois. The Nashville, TN native recently resigned as  Special Assistant to President Obama and Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Aside from the long job title, Dubois can be called a friend of the President.jd1  

However, to everything, there is a season. Dubois recently stepped down from the position after nearly five year to pursue future endeavors, despite “my pleas,” said President Obama during  the National Prayer Breakfast.

President Obama took “a moment of personal privilege” to recognize his close friend Dubois, before beginning his speech about prayer.

“Before I begin, I hope people don’t mind me taking a moment of personal privilege.  I want to say a quick word about a close friend of mine and yours, Joshua Dubois,” President Obama started.  “Now, some of you may not know Joshua, but Joshua has been at my side—in work and in prayer—for years now.  He is a young reverend, but wise in years.  He\’s worked on my staff.  He\’s done an outstanding job as the head of our Faith-Based office. ”

President Obama went on to say how much he valued the daily “snippet of Scripture” sent to him through email by Dubois. Obama ended his praise worthy remarks of his friend by saying, “So this morning I want to publicly thank Joshua for all that he\’s done, and I know that everybody joins me in wishing him all the best in his future endeavors– including getting married.”

Who do you think Obama will chose to be the next “Pastor-In-Chief?” Who would you want Obama to choose?   
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