William Murphy, III is a God Chaser!

I believe my assignment to the Body of Christ in this season is to declare that this is your season for grace and favor. This is your season to reap what you\’ve sown and I\’m encouraging everybody who has seed in the ground to place a demand on that seed, because it\’s time for a harvest.”
— Pastor William Murphy

Good News

Album ArtworkSuccess and favor are following the “Praise is What I Do” singer whose dedication to the ministry of praise and worship has blessed thousands of people. His latest single, You Reign has been a hit across the country. Murphy\’s latest album, God Chaser, drops February 5, 2013.

Murphy says that God Chaser captures what has been going on at his Atlanta-area church, The dReam Center from week to week over the past seven years. Murphy has also provided leadership for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship as Overseer of Worship.

“The record started out as a collection of prophetic songs,” Murphy says. “These are songs we got as we were in prayer and worship at our church. God just began to give us these songs and I felt like it was time to release them to the world.”

This is Murphy’s first release for the record label, RCA Inspiration, formerly Verity, where his label mates include Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Byron Cage among other genre-toppers.

According to Murphy, God Chaser “is a straight up Sunday morning record.” Murphy makes it clear that by “Sunday Morning” music, he means music more like “Praise is What I Do,” than foot stomping and hand clapping.

Murphy, the Worship Leader

Long sought out as a clinician for worship teams and a mentor to worship leaders, Murphy has penned a new book called “Praise Is What I Do.”

“It\’s a 3 part series that is coming out the fourth of July week,” Murphy says. “It\’s the 21st century guide to relevant worship.” The book is filled with practical guidance on worship and is aimed at helping oncoming generations of worship leaders.

“What we are going to talk about is how God gave Moses instructions on how to create a tangible presence,” says Murphy. “We’ll talk about  the cherubim that faced one another and the presence of God and the mercy seat. Something was created because of the relationship with the cherubim. What the Scripture was saying was when the cherubim did their thing they became invisible and the people were able to have an experience with God. That is the whole focus.”

Murphy, the Pastor

Just as Murphy has been a trailblazing artist, he is also a cutting edge pastor who has carved out a new pattern for Sunday morning worship. “The first thing we do when we get to church is, we give an offering. Then we worship and then I preach. Then we go home. Every time we gather, I feel so privileged,” says Murphy. “There is such an authentic presence of God. The grace on our church is incredible and I do not have to be the person preaching or leading worship. One of my sons, Kenneth Noah, ministered recently and killed my church! (laughs) I had to get the mic back!”

William MurphyClearly, Murphy enjoys pastoring his growing flock, which will soon be one church in two locations Murphy announced to Gospel Today.

“Yea, we\’re moving into South Atlanta. We will still be in North Atlanta but we are going to have two campuses. God is blessing us with a place in the north and in the south. We will have an 8 am service at the north location, then jump in the car and have a 10 am service in south Atlanta. Then jump back in the car for a 12 pm service in north Atlanta.”

Murphy, the Man

However, behind the music, writing and the life of a pastor, Murphy is a man who has experienced God\’s love and care during difficult times in his life.

“I\’m blown away at how God continues to use me through life experiences. I was engaged at 20, married at 21, and divorced by 24.” Murphy’s first marriage produced two children. “By the time my middle son was six months, we were in divorce court. So, there I was, 24 years old, divorced with two kids, preaching and singing. I was like, ‘Man this is over.\'”

Murphy remained positive despite contrary court rulings and a protracted custody battle. “Sometimes in life you lose, but what you do,” says Murphy, “is you keep living and keep believing God.”

Living and believing in God is exactly what this family man has been doing. At 26, Murphy remarried and recently celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary. The couple has two children together.He loves all of his children dearly and takes special pride in them.

“There is an anointing on all of my children. They are special,” Murphy says. “Every parent says their children are special but I do this for a living, so I know what\’s special and what\’s just cute, and my kids are special,” says Murphy of their God-given talent.

Murphy, Grateful

Murphy says he is incredibly grateful for this season in his life and the opportunity to share new music. “I think people are going be be blown away from the music. When we start singing it, it really feels like the presence of God engulfs the room.”

Be on the lookout for William Murphy, III\’s new album God Chaser, February 5.

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