A Real Pastor\’s Wife Responds to TLC\’s “The Sisterhood”, Episode 5

The SisterhoodTLC\’s reality show “The Sisterhood” continues to focus on their relationships with each other and within their private lives. Perhaps I was too ambitious to believe that intellectual scholarly discussion would rise above the ashes to truly educate America about the lives of clergy.

However, there are people who are doing their best to bring clarity to this issue such as Essence Magazine columnist Sophia Nelson, who is trailblazing across the country to give pastor\’s wives a credible voice and opportunity to be heard with her daily tweets and chat discussions every week.

As a result of TLC\’s The Sisterhood, pastor’s wives across the nation are holding luncheon\’s and round table discussion and coming out from behind the wide brim church hats to bravely speak about their pain and concerns about today\’s modern church. For that reason alone, I shout  AMEN!

To the ladies of the show, please know that there is always a “sacrificial lamb” before real progression appears. If the burden of being on this show gets you down, just remember, this too shall pass. I challenge the ladies and the producers to show the parallel what we go through as pastor’s wives with the lives of biblical, historical characters.

There is one agenda for the Church and that is to make Christ known. If The Sisterhood fails to illustrate this, then it has failed miserably and will present itself as a show full of lukewarm women celebrating a placebo Christianity. Without making Him known, The Sisterhood will display to the world that genuine Christianity can no longer be found in the United States and is unable to carry anyone through a stormy relationship.

sisterhood12Today, Wiccan is the fastest growing religion in America. If The Sisterhood does not improve dramatically we may be watching, “Wives in the Coven” next January 2014 on TLC.

Episode 5 continues to unravel the quirkiness of Tara and Brian as they prepare to celebrate their son\’s Christian bar mitzvah with their friends, complete with caviar as one of the dishes.

Shouldn\’t the show display balance as well? They are talking about ministry but all I see is a lot of folks wanting the microphone and center stage.

We are called to be servant martyrs for the cause of Christ. I wish to see that touched on in the course of the show.

About the Author

Kimberley N. Yancy aka Mikasenoja is author of 2008 bestseller “Confessions of a Preacher\’s Wife”.  She currently resides in Houston, TX and serves as Director of Ministries at New Vision Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX. where her husband serves as Senior Pastor. Share your comments below or email her at Mikasenoja@aol.com