A Real Pastor\’s Wife Responds to TLC\’s “The Sisterhood”, Episode 3 and 4


Tara Lewis

Episode 3 was a shocker as we learned Tara was an ex-adulterer and she was bold enough to write it down on a cardboard poster for all of Atlanta to see. Would she have shared if she was a current First Lady of a church? The cardboard poster to declare God\’s deliverance on the street as a tool of evangelism was an awesome idea and I applaud the Sisters for participating and True Entertainment for not editing out of the show.

The conversation at the table in Episode 4 may not have helped Delana Rutherford. Dominique\’s apparent disgust with Delana\’s use of the word “plantation” to describe her home as “The Rutherford Plantation” seems to have hit a nerve. However, this instance illustrates covert racism, inexcusable ignorance, and unexplainable anger which is still alive and well in our society, even within our Christian circles.  I am beginning to wonder if this conversation at Delana\’s home was the “beginning of the end” for the Rutherfords to participate in the show since their church, Worship with Wonders is filled with minority members. If you notice, the Rutherfords are not seen in the show\’s current promotions and are not participating in interviews. In my Rodney King  voice, “Can\’t we all get along?”

the-sisterhood1During an interview, Tara\’s husband, Dr. Brian Lewis, revealed the Rutherford\’s pulled out of participating in the show mid-season. I guess Delana\’s “Great White Hope” character decided this relationship wasn\’t worth saving.  Perhaps losing minority members in their church over the word, “plantation,” and its uses wasn\’t worth it either.

My Hopes and Encouragements

I had hoped this show would illustrate the lives of pastor\’s wives and their relationship with their churches; however it is more focused on the wives relationship with each other.

I do hope though “The Sisterhood” evolves to discuss the relationship between the clergy wife and the Church which it has failed to do thus far.

After watching the show, a new pastor\’s wife may be highly discouraged about forging relationships with other pastor\’s wives, but the best part of being a pastor\’s wife is bonding with the other wives who share the same passion for Christ. So be encouraged, all is not lost.

Food for Thought

Every week TLC\’s reality show “The Sisterhood” continues to evolve. Episodes 3 and 4 display a group of women struggling to find unity beyond the four walls of the church. Let me be honest and say most Senior Pastor\’s Wives do not have time to meet and chat the way these ladies do on the show.

However, is the show really about Senior Pastor\’s wives or about women who desire to be Senior Pastor\’s wives? Stay tuned for more of my two cents next week and watch The Sisterhood on Tuesdays 8pm (CST) on the TLC network.

About the Author

Kimberley N. Yancy aka Mikasenoja is author of 2008 bestseller “Confessions of a Preacher\’s Wife” (Urban Christian).  She currently resides in Houston, TX and serves as Director of Ministries of New Vision Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX,, where her husband serves as Senior Pastor.  Mikasenoja@aol.com