Tackled by Faith – When Sports and The Cross Collide: A Student Athletes Guide to Success!

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Tackled by Faith Cover 2Tackled by Faith (Now Available at www.tackledbyfaith.com) is a motivational guidebook and autobiography by Minister James Faison Jr. designed to help athletes understand how to build and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while endeavoring to achieve academic and athletic success.

Join Minister Faison as he reflects on the journey traveled by a young walk-on college football player who overcomes life\’s hurdles and setbacks, by redefining success. However, this young walk-on did not allow his heart to follow his God given talents as most athletes; but he was “Tackled by Faith” in Jesus Christ and made a difference for the Kingdom of God.

This book is written with student athletes in mind, but it has principles that many Christians can glean from. People need to know what’s Character & Reputation, The Power Behind the Purpose, The Sacrifice, A Commitment to Christ, Pride and Humility, A New Mind Set, Knowing How to Handle Success! All of these are the chapter titles which will invoke people\’s curiosity.

From building character to understanding the true meaning of sacrifice, Minister Faison teaches athletes how to handle success with humility through the word of God.

Excerpts from Tackled by Faith include:

“Study the Word of God as you would study your playbook, exercise a healthy prayer life like you train for the spring, and brag about the goodness of Christ as if you have won a game!”

“Today, we are not running out of athletes with talent and ability, but we are running out of those with godly character! God has given us all the talents that we have, but God is not pleased with just the things he has given us; he is more concerned with our character. One of the greatest things you can do is to allow the light of Jesus Christ to shine through you as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 5:16. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.”

“Student athletes, successes in life are God\’s reminder that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. (Philippians 4:13)! Failures are God\’s reminders that you cannot do things in life on your own power or ability, but you have to rely on him. So any way you look at success or failure, Christ is needed for you to know how to handle them both! 

Meet the Author

James Faison Head shotMinister James M. Faison, Jr., is a native of Clinton NC and the only son of Mr. James & Denise Faison. He is a first generation college graduate as well as a UNC Football Letterman who earned his BA in Biology, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December 2003. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Information Science with a concentration in Information Management from North Carolina Central University. In October of 1999, Min. Faison dedicated his heart to Jesus Christ, and he accepted his call to ministry 10 years later. Min. Faison has dedicated his life to being a humanitarian and has volunteered with UNC God First Campus Ministry for over 10 years in the capacity of a student, to a Men’s Fellowship Coordinator, to a Campus Minister for 6 years, and he was recently awarded the Campus Legend award by his Pastor Dr. Patrick L. Wooden Sr. of the Upper Room COGIC for his dedicated service to College Ministry. Min. Faison is also an award recipient of the NIH MTRF (Minority Trainee Research Forum) Acres of Diamonds Award in 2005. Currently Min. Faison resides in Durham NC, and he works as a Liaison II, at Integrated Laboratory Science, in Research Triangle Park, NC. Min. Faison is married to his high school sweetheart, Dee, and they have been blessed with a son, James Mayo Faison III (Manny)!

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