A Real Pastor\’s Wife Responds to TLC\’s “The Sisterhood”, Episode 2

This op-ed was contributed by Kimberley Yancy, a real-life first lady in Dickinson, TX. Check out her critique of the new TLC reality show, “The Sisterhood” then chime in.


On episode 2 of TLC\’s “The Sisterhood”, we meet Senior Pastor\’s wife, DeLana Rutherford, the First Lady of Worship with WondersChurch. She is a cute southern belle whose facial expressions throughout the episode screamed, “Who are these women?” I hate to admit it, but it seems that Lady DeLana serves as the “Great White Hope” for these ladies to bring balance and wisdom to the conversation.

Lady Ivy and Tara obviously have a personality conflict and we learn that Tara\’s husband supports her in her quest to “be right” at all times with all people, which is sad. However, I do love the transparency of Dominique, who we discover is not only an ex-crack addict but a former prostitute as well. She is our modern day biblical Gomer found in the book of Hosea. I particularly love her honesty and her willingness to lay it ALL down at the altar. Now, the real question is, would she have shared that information if her husband\’s church was still in operation? As a first lady, transparency is something we struggle with. How would you handle it if you found out your First Lady was a former crack addict and prostitute? Are churches ready for those kinds of testimonies?

The pastor\’s wife that America lovesto hate seems to be Tara Lewis. She apparently is having a hard time fitting in with the ladies or anybody for the matter. Tara\’s Christian Bar Mitzvah idea has a tinge of disrespect to the Jewish faith as it would be if a Christian believer sat down with a Wiccan to conjure up the spirit of Moses in a séance. In this episode, the Jewish planner looks at Tara and her husband Dr. Brian Lewis as if they have lost their minds. Would you become a member of their church?


The first really meaningful line of episode two came 50 minutes into the show, when

Dominique\’s husband, Pastor Brian said (yes there are two Brian\’s on the show) that counseling is necessary to grow and he accepted that his wife wan

ted outside help to deal with some issues. First of all, this is a major revelation because so many Senior Pastor\’s do not seek counseling for themselves. Therefore, I am sure some pastor\’s wives were nodding in agreement and smiling at their husband when this conversation on the show came through. This statement about counseling will bless many. Thank you Dominique and Pastor Brian for trying to save this show and finally letting Jesus and wisdom shine through.

Kimberley N. Yancy aka Mikasenoja is author of 2008 bestseller “Confessions of a Preacher\’s Wife”.  She currently resides in Houston, TX and serves as Director of Ministries at New Vision Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX. where her husband serves as Senior Pastor. Share your comments below or email her at Mikasenoja@aol.com