An Innovative New Way to Spread the Gospel: S.E.R.M.O.N.S.

sermonsHave you ever listened to your pastor delivering the Word of God and then, all of a sudden, a song comes to mind that seems to perfectly coincide with the message?

Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar have taken that experience to the next level with the latest project on Arrow Records, S.E.R.M.O.N.S. (Spiritually Empowering Recorded Music Over Niche Sermons) was born as a new way to capture the attention of God’s people.

S.E.R.M.O.N.S. feels like an audiobook  instead of a church sermon. It is fully engrossing. The music gets louder on high points of the sermon and softer on matters close to the heart. One get’s praise and worship music throughout the whole sermon which is a different, yet tasty flavor for a listener.

S.E.R.M.O.N.S. can be found on Itunes which means instant replay of the Word on whatever device one wants.

Perhaps S.E.R.M.O.N.S. will set a new model for preaching? What do you think of this concept?

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