A Real Pastor’s Wife Responds to TLC\’s “The Sisterhood”

This op-ed was contributed by Kimberley Yancy, a real-life first lady in Dickinson, TX. Check out her critique of the new TLC reality show, “The Sisterhood” then chime in.

First all of let me say that reality TV is all about drama so as we would have guessed, TLC\’s “The Sisterhood” does not disappoint. The first episode introduced us to a condom wearing banana and preachers\’ wives arguing about Scripture and when or when not to quote Scripture.

I have been a Sr. Pastor\’s wife for the past 18 years and I have never witnessed preacher\’s wives at each other throats like this show portrays. So, for me #Sisterhood has not been my reality. However, I am interested to see the direction of this show and where it will go because as we know, God loves to sucker punch the Devil, just when the enemy thinks he has won a battle.

I am praying that Romans 8:28 will manifest itself with this show because as of right now the images jumping off the screen are opportunistic women seeking fame and fortune and riding on the chariot of Jesus to get there. I was inundated with emails, Twitter and Facebook messages with various opinions about the show and yes there is a petition coming out of Washington D.C. to cancel the show altogether.

I do not believe the show needs to be cancelled but the content needs to be explored. There are many hurting preacher wives who need to see how others deal with the reality of serving next to a man of the cloth and it is not a cakewalk. It is my hope and prayer that serious conversations will debut as a result of this show about why divorce among African-American Clergy is 64%. Why is it that 400 preachers fold their churches every week in America?

This show can be a healing balm or make a complete mockery of the Church to an audience that is the first un-churched generation in the history of America. The February 2013 editions of Essence and Ebony will cover the topic of ministry and pastor\’s wives and if you dig deep you may be shocked by the research about pastor\’s wives, which needs to be exposed so that churches can learn how to be a blessing and offer support to their own ministers.

There is talk in the Houston area about a YouTube channel that will debut positive first ladies and display the positive and the real deal behind serving the Kingdom to counteract The Sisterhood Show.

Let me honest, there is drama in the church. You do not have to create it because it is there, but it takes a pastor\’s wife that has endured some of those items to write about it and script it. Unlike the Real Housewives of Atlanta, most women, black, brown or white can\’t afford to live as large as those ladies, so that is in fact fantasy TV, hence why it is so popular.

Still, in almost every town in America you can find a preacher\’s wife. The Sisterhood Show will affect this woman who serves daily in the average American church congregation of less than 75 members and sometimes the smaller your church is, the more microscopic the pain can be of dealing with other people who like Satan in the garden, go after Eve first to get at the heart of Adam. Many times, church folks do the same.

To truly hurt the Senior Pastor they attack the wife and blame her for all the negative things in the church.  If TLC continues to portray pastor\’s wives as immature, materialistic, gossiping control freaks, we at home are in for an interesting ride.

Stay tuned for more of my two cents next week. The Sisterhood airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm (CST) on The TLC Network.

Kimberley N. Yancy aka Mikasenoja is author of 2008 bestseller “Confessions of a Preacher\’s Wife”.  She currently resides in Houston, TX and serves as Director of Ministries at New Vision Baptist Church in Dickinson, TX. where her husband serves as Senior Pastor. Share your comments below or email her at Mikasenoja@aol.com