Kierra Sheard Shares Exciting New Plans; Talks Future of Worship

Kierra shares a smile with her dad, Bishop J. Drew Sheard

Kierra Sheard is one of the most exciting young artists in gospel. Her powerful vocals and killer production position her to be a trendsetter for years to come. Listen to Kierra’s thoughts on what’s to come for worship and music in the year’s to come.

GT: Kierra, as a younger person, what do you think about the next generation and how music and worship is going to change as your generation becomes the predominant group in church.

Kierra: We probably won\’t be as traditional sounding. There will be less choir music. We\’re making music more for ensembles. The music is more for praise and worship themes.

I think that our music is slowly but surely changing and becoming more simple, easy congregational songs. We are adapting to a multi-cultural sound like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith. We\’re singing their songs now, which was really kind of rare back in my parent\’s day.

They did a lot of shouting! (Laughs). We do a lot of shouting now but we\’re going towards more of a simple sound. For example, on my last record, Mom was like, “You need some harmonies in there,” and I had to tell her, “Mom, we don\’t appreciate harmonies like in your day.”

I also think that my generation is more commercial—the sound is simpler than the generation before. You can hear it, not just in gospel music, but you also in the difference between today’s R&B music versus the soul-era musically.

The sound is constantly changing too because you’ve got also got rap that\’s more popular than ever. Lecrae is taking over an audience that I have no clue of. You’ve got Rap, Praise and Worship and the contemporary sound like MaryMary and Kirk Franklin and stuff like that. We\’re actually broadening, which is a good thing.

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Kierra’s Next Project

Kierra and brother, J. Drew, II are working on tracks for Kierra’s next project. She’s also re-connecting with mega-producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked with Kierra early in her career. Kierra is hopeful for a 2nd quarter, 2013 release.