A Gospel Christmas: Jessica Reedy (GT Connext)

The November/December 2012 issue of Gospel Today included a 6-page spread– A Gospel Christmas. We profiled a dozen of your favorite gospel artists, who told us all about their Christmas traditions, memories and gift requests.

Make sure you take a look at the November/December 2012 issue to see what artists like Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers, Smokie Norful, Amber Bullock, Charles Jenkins and MORE had to say!

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We talked with so many artists, we couldn’t fit them all into the magazine. Like…


Top of my Christmas list:
Faith. I say that because I realize it’s what I have been lacking. With faith, no good thing will God withhold from me. If I can get my faith to exceed what my eyes can see, I can tell a mountain to be cast in the sea and it will happen. I can decree something and it will happen. So, definitely, faith, with that I can get gifts for everyone with a list. (laughs)

Favorite family Christmas tradition:
One tradition me and my family have kept for years is, we get together every Christmas and everyone brings all their gifts to one house. One person is designated to read off each gift. That\’s a moment I always look forward to, though I very seldom ever receive anything! (laughs) It is a moment that I take pictures of every year to hold with me forever. Seeing us all together, anticipating who gets the really big boxes and the really small ones…

Favorite Christmas memory:
My favorite Christmas memory was when my grandfather, who had been in the hospital for about 7 years, came home for Christmas. I still see his face and, though he didn\’t talk, I remember seeing a very faint tear slip out of the side of his eye. That day I was very happy, and I believe he was too.

Keeping Jesus Christ in Christmas:
My son helps me stay reminded that Jesus is the focus. Every time I hear him give credit to Santa Claus for all the gifts he received, I feel obligated to correct him, which in return keeps me focused on the truth!

2012 has been a year of…
…tests, growth, increased faith, obedience and, most importantly, transition.

In 2013, I am looking forward to…
…seeing all that my faith and boldness in the Word of God brings me.



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