Your Backward Plan! (GT Connext)

The November/December 2012 issue of Gospel Today featured more insights and invaluable wisdom from Dr. Sam Chand on the topic of leaving a legacy.

Grab a copy of the issue today to see his list of questions you\’ll have to answer in your journey to leave a lasting legacy, as we are commanded by God.

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Then, take a look at the exercise below, from Dr. Chand\’s fourth book, Who Moved Your Ladder—Your Next Bold Move. It\’s what he calls “My Backward Plan,” a step-by-step process for identifying how you\’re going to arrive at your goals.

* * *

The simple premise of backward planning is that we define our prime objective, or a big goal that will move us toward our prime objective and assign it a date. As Henry Kimsey-House said, “A goal without a date is a

Second, we need to figure out the next-to-last thing that needs to happen before our goal is met, and figure the time frame for that.

Then we ask, “What would need to happen before that? And before that?”

By (date) _______ I will have achieved (Prime Objective) _______.

Just prior to that (date) ______ , I will need to have done _____________.

And before that can happen (date) ______, I will need to have accomplished (milestone)_________________.

To enable the next step on (date) ______, I will need to have (milestone) ____________ in place.

By (date) _____, I will have done (milestone) __________.

By (date) _____, I will have done (milestone) __________.

Today (or tomorrow) I will (milestone)_____________.

Dr. John C. Maxwell is quoted for saying: “People will summarize your life in one sentence. Pick it now. Pick it and live it.”

So, figure this out, too–

THE SENTENCE I WANT SAID AT MY EULOGY (so people don\’t have to guess) IS: ____________.

Now live it with an intentional plan and watch it compound!