A Gospel Christmas: Earnest Pugh (GT Connext)

The November/December 2012 issue of Gospel Today included a 6-page spread– A Gospel Christmas. We profiled a dozen of your favorite gospel artists, who told us all about their Christmas traditions, memories and gift requests.

Make sure you take a look at the November/December 2012 issue to see what artists like Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers, Smokie Norful, Amber Bullock, Charles Jenkins and MORE had to say!

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We talked with so many artists, we couldn’t fit them all into the magazine. Like…


Top of my Christmas list:
I\’d love to get a motorcycle. I\’m hoping somebody will get me one (laughs). I don\’t know what model it is, but it\’s a Harley and it only goes up to 45-50 miles an hour. It\’s just a little thing for the neighborhood; not one of the fast bikes.

Favorite family Christmas tradition:
We always did egg nog on Christmas Eve. I\’m the 7th of nine kids and my parents always emphasized togetherness on the holidays. So, on the 24th, we\’d sit around the Christmas tree and talk about how God had blessed us throughout the year. There was always music, too, so we\’d go from 7 p.m. to sometimes like 1 am, then we\’d open presents. I keep that tradition alive now. I have a thing at my house every year on Christmas Eve, with my close friends in the industry and in my neighborhood. Last year I had like 50 people! My two kids were there and some friends from the music industry, and even neighbors from my block. It was a good time of sharing and rejoicing in the Lord.

Favorite Christmas memory:
It was the year this family\’s house burned down in Chapel Hill in Millington, TN (on the outskirts of Memphis). My parents had paid off the house we grew up in, free and clear, and we were building a new home. When we moved into our new house, my father gave that family our old house. We had grown up in that house and had all kinds of fond memories, but that taught us the value of helping others when you\’re in a position to help them.

Keeping Jesus Christ in Christmas:
We always focus on giving other people what they need before we put in our own requests. My parents taught us to put others ahead of ourselves. So, as a parent myself, I\’m always thinking about ‘what does my child need or want?’ Or ‘what does my good friend need or want?’ The reward is watching other people\’s faces light up and, if they are happy, I am happy.

2012 has been a year of…
…great manifestation. A lot of great stuff came to pass this year. I sowed seeds and now it\’s like harvest time. This year, I started EPM Music Group and we\’ve signed artists like Chrystal Rucker, Keith Williams and Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis. I\’ve sung on TV shows that I never thought I\’d get on, and I\’ve sung at churches or conferences I never dreamed I\’d be invited to sing at. It\’s been a long, hard journey but God has been faithful and brought these things to pass.

In 2013, I am looking forward to…
…doing some new business ventures outside of the church. I\’m also looking to finally put my book out. I\’m strategically looking to broaden my brand. I\’ve been offered some endorsements that I\’m looking at, and seeing how I can spread this gospel further with the platform God has blessed me with, and to also nurture the artists we have with EPM Music Group.