4 Ways To Use Instagram To Share The Gospel

In the Web Wise column of Gospel Today’s November/December 2012 issue, guest columnist Jason Caston wrote about the shifting trend of social media from a text-based medium to that of one driven by visual imagery– namely, photos and videos. And with that, he issued an excellent challenge to consider how we, as Christians, might use social media for more eternal purposes.

It’s definitely a must-read from our newest issue. Make sure you check it out!

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We thought we’d compile 4 simple ways that you can share your faith in an intentional and engaging way on Instagram, one of the most popular new social networks, driven entirely by photos.

1. Be real. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a stream of posts that depict only a trouble-free life, full of tons of money and void of any problems. Now, we’re not saying to be a downer, either… but aim to demonstrate a balanced and real life. Let the realities of life, and your walk with God, be evident. There’s no shame in it!

2. Service. We’re not talking about Sunday morning church service. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is one that seeks to serve others. Assuming you’re doing that often (*wink*), take some photos. Don’t just proclaim to be a Christian online– show people what that looks like, through love.

3. Creation. Lots of people post pictures of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mountains, trees, and skies. Do the same, and gloat on our Heavenly Creator as the source of it all. His works are irrefutable and speak volumes of His power!

4. Engage. Don’t just live in a bubble. Engage with other people by liking/commenting on their photos. Winning souls to Christ is a work of the Holy Spirit and of relationships. Be social on social networks.